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Decisons, Decisions…

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This was my life altering decision:
In 2001, after repeating senior year, I finally graduated
high school. While I wasn’t sure what I wanted to
do, I knew that several more years of schooling wasn’t my
priority. However, my parents forced me to attend community
college. My father proudly drove me to fill out
the application, as he believed this was the beginning of
a bright future for me. I sluggishly sharpened my No. 2
pencil and slowly began to fill the circle next to “Asian.”
Minutes later, after completing the application with absolute
disgust, fear, and anxiety, I begrudgingly slid it
under the plexiglass window towards the female attendant
who seemingly hated her job. She then proceeded
to muffle through the intercom “That’ll be fifty-five dollars.
Cash, check, or credit?” She snapped her bubble gum
multiple times. I slowly handed her my check filled out
in the blood from my fingertips and watched her take my
soul with nine-inch nails that were more decorated than
a Christmas tree.

A month later, I received a notification letter with
the return address “666 Lucifer Blvd.” My final payment
with the devil was scheduled on Monday November 4th
at 8:30 a.m., the date of my placement exam. With overwhelming
joy and a smile stretching ear to ear, my mother
proudly took the letter and hung it on the refrigerator for
all to see. To celebrate this proud “decision” of my attending
college, my parents promised me (in their best Bob
Barker voice) a BRAND NEW CAR!
That fateful Monday morning, November 4th, finally
arrived. I tensely walked into the classroom with eyes
wider than a porcelain doll and looked at the “teacher”
tasked with officiating the test. At 8:30 a.m. sharp I began
filling out the top portion of the test. My body was
in complete discomfort and my nerves trembled enough
to sound off the car alarms in the parking lot. Just after
writing in my name, I stared at the drop ceiling and found
myself enveloped in a daydream about what life would be
like if I went through this experience. I saw myself constantly
taking tests, studying pointless information, and
sharing unoriginal ideas with other students. All I could
visualize was a life that was being created, controlled, and
manipulated by someone else. I snapped out of this Freddy
Krueger-esque nightmare only to realize I was sweating
and panting like a fat kid in gym class. I immediately
stood up, authoritatively stomped to the front of the
room and handed in my test to the Bride of Chucky (the
teacher). She immediately asked me, “Are you sure you
are finished?” I confidently responded, “Yes. I am sure.”
As this woman stared at the blank test sheets in front of
her, she peered back at me and replied, “You know this is
your future, right?” With a confident smile (and a giggle)
I responded, “Naaahh, this is your future!” I pointed my
finger around the classroom and at her face. The entire
classroom erupted in laughter, cheered, and applauded
as I exited the room (at least that is how I remember it.)
Monday, November 4th at 8:33 a.m. I made the intuitive,
fearless, confident, and positive decision that changed my
life for the better and forever. I chose to create my own

So what is your dream? What is holding you back
from living an extraordinary life? What is keeping that
amazing person locked inside? What is it after all, that
you really want?

Pain is temporary but, only if we make it out to be…

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Life, as we know it, never goes as planned—for the most part. We try so hard to adjust with the winds but the sail continues to direct us into failure. We ask ourselves, “WHY ME?” “I DON’T GET IT!” or “HOW COME THIS HAPPENS?!” We often feel like the “victim” of a role playing story, well guess what—We are not victims. Things happen in our lives because that’s what our world had planned. Scenarios take place because thats what we have attracted into our lives through past, present, and future mind sets and actions. None of this, is an accident…

But, we have the power to either stay the “victim” or accept our past and continue to move forward. This is where determination kicks in. This is where heart takes place. This is where we have to take a stand within our souls and say , “GET UP.” We all have pain, misery, and fears—in one way or another. Everybody’s pain is different but always remember–it could be worse. Always remember this time of “pain” will pass as long as we stay active, not stagnant…

Appreciate what you have, who is in your life, and most of all—who you are. Accept the past failures, mishaps, and people who did you “wrong”. Adjust your mind and body to take a new outlook, approach, and living of life. Finally, adapt to your atmosphere and new form of living that you chose to have. At the end of the day, the choice is ours, we could play the victim card or—keep moving forward. Today, lets make a choice for ourselves….

Be Your Own Hero…

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This is the hero’s journey and in one way or another, we are all heroes . To be the hero in our adventure we must accept the challenge to become greater than we think we are . We must continue to move forward with each experience so we can progress with the goals we have set within our hearts . We must live each experience with confidence, happiness, and enjoy each moment . The hero’s journey is the utmost exciting experience we will ever encounter . During the hero’s journey, the concept is all the same . From Super Mario to Luke Skywalker, Bo Jackson to Michael Jordan, and Wolverine to Superman, so even if you like comic books and feel a connection with them or if you love video games and want to be like one of the characters, the end goal is always the same, so either if it;s by books or video games which you can get More information here and feel more attached or choose your favorite hero but at the end it can be seen in three different ways .
■ Separation—We are first in a place of comfort but when reality sinks in, we choose to leave and courageously step into the unknown. ■ Initiation—Often, we are placed into a different spectrum to experience a particular voyage we have never witnessed . ■ Return—We come back from our quest (if we did not literally die) and share our wisdom of our triumph—and we await the next.  That’s what hero’s do, we live for the journey, and regardless of the outcome—we do it again… #10stackstosuccess #success #knowledge #wisdom #inspiration #motivation #hero

Book Review From Author J. Kehele on Amazon

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31QGO1q8wuL__UX250_  This review is from: 10 Stacks To Success: How to Achieve Success One Goal at a Time (Kindle Edition)
The valuable information in 10 Stacks to Success by Jerome J Isip, will give you the determination and drive to succeed in goals you may have been unsuccessful with, in the past..
My favorite part of the book was the personal activities, they were very helpful in pumping me up to want to strive for a better future, a better me. The book is hilarious at times, and with his humor he pulls at your heart strings almost challenging you to succeed. “Play your favorite song and shake what your mama gave ya!” His step by step explanation on how to succeed, how to get personally fit and how to just plain be a better you, is insightful. The book was like a breath of fresh air.
“Gratitude, positive affirmations, quitting being a little bitch, love and forgiveness.” That pretty much sums it up!

41R4uTXGEqL__UY250_51jcDXdByxL__UY250_Check out her books on Amazon!


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10906207_10204733212842972_5840411223136908004_nOur biggest challenge that we will ever face is that person in the mirror. Every-day is a challenge when we step into the walks of life we have put on the pavement. We have obstacles in our every-day lives, as long as we are growing—not content. It’s easy to live life at a median, monotony, and clockwork. The real challenge is stepping; into the unknown to try and know, into the dark to search for light, into the face of fear when you are scared, trying to overcome. Defeating yourself is the Big Challenge—you are your own worst enemy. WE—ourselves, are the biggest challenge in life and the fight is never over as long as WE are still alive… ‪#‎10StacksToSuccess‬ ‪#‎motivation‬ ‪#‎inspiration‬ ‪#‎reflection

3 Tips for 2015 New Years Resolution…

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 3 Tips for 2015 New Years Resolution…

blog2Many of us seem to go 135% to knock down goals we have set for the “New Year” when we barley even touched last years goals. We attack with motivational intentions and tend to burn out faster than a fat kid playing dodge ball. We tell everyone what our goals are, create a mirage that is larger than ourselves, and are unable to presue because of the image you have created to the world. We are ALL guilty of this, it’s our culture that has diminished the self value of goal setting. This year change it up; go back to your old goals, it’s ok to pick up where you left off. Strategically choose your goals 1 at a time so you don’t lose momentum, you have an entire year. AND DON’T SAY SHIT TO NO ONE! Do it for yourself…. #10StacksToSuccess #2015 #motivation #Inspiring #quoteoftheday

Jay Isip

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It’s not about a fresh start but for a new ending…

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blog1Before the world/yourself labeled you, WHO WERE YOU? Maybe just a child–something beyond the scope of our imagination. Most likely-we have no idea. “Forgive them for they know not what they do, BECAUSE they not know WHO THEY ARE!” Jesus Christ–

Forgive the old you, for the corrupted system brainwashed our population with fear, conformity, and lies. It’s not your fault for getting sucked into the negative vortex our world has created but our fault for being naive. Now, it’s our decision to accept the facts and flaws we have drawn upon ourselves—we must move on. This instant allow the “new you” to absorb; new, positive, and life changing habits because it is our human nature to grow. So, let’s all begin to create a new form of ourselves to acheive the personal growth we ALL deserve in the end…

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