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Flight 04251982 Jay Isip

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Now Boarding All Seats for Flight 04251982 Jay Isip, est. arrival time – 00:00

flight-of-the-living-dead-bloody-flight-attendantAttention passengers, this is Jacqueline Swanee your head flight attendant speaking. This is an absolute FREE tour of his daily thoughts. It gets better –  I would like to award you with a FREE first class trip to travel around the existence of the brain of Jay Isip. We will be serving stomach butterflies, tears, laughter, sweaty palms, and many other emotional outbreaks to satisfy your hunger. There will be no movie showing due to the fact the entertainment will be directly in your face. If the trip becomes more than you can handle, Push the bright RED emergency button above and you will be safely ejected out in to space into another dimension and also receive a complimentary bag of peanuts seasoned with dry blood from a week old dead possum. Sorry but we don’t serve alcohol on this airline due to the fact that, if you pay close attention, your brain will leave you. Thank you. Now your head pilot Jay Isip…

Befunky Artwork

This is your head pilot speaking, uuuhhh..The ride will be encountering a lot of turbulence so fasten your seat-belts.uhhhhhh.. Sit back, uhhhhh..relax your mind, and enjoy your flight. uhhhhh…I’m sure this will be a nostalgic experience..uhhhhh….  We will be traveling at light speed.uuuhhh… Prepare for your head to spin faster than a Dradle on Hanuka …Enjoy your flight!

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