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The Wrestler’s Charisma, Inspired by Dan O’Cone…

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If you didn’t know, I train mixed martial arts religiously at Pellegrino MMA located in Belmar NJ. Our fight team practices about 5-6 days week solid, and some days with double sessions–it’s exhausting. We go over the fighting arts of; Ju-Jitsu, Kick-Boxing, Boxing, Wrestling, and Judo. Everyday we go over something different and punch each other in the face on a consistent basis–and it’s fun, at least to us. This is my tribe.

IMG_20150425_122808We all, as people, athletes, business men (women) etc. do something we thoroughly enjoy, and love to work towards a goal, to reach a certain accomplishment. Whether we fail or succeed, we wipe the blood off our faces and get back in there to chase the next goal. Wash, rinse, and repeat–this is our clockwork, our nine-to-five, our daily grind to chip away at the rock. We are called goal chasers, and for as long as we live we will continue the chase–not because we want-to, but because we have to. Somewhere down the line it has become embedded into our DNA to continually chase new goals, reach higher limits, accomplish new things because it has been programmed to make us happy. It’s a non-stop roller coaster.

Now, there are others who are equally as happy by living in content, they are not goal chasers and would rather live their lives on a steady pace–which is fine because that’s how they are programmed.

Then, there are people who just do absolutely nothing, and would rather complain about life and live in the “Woe is me” attitude–which is fine also, because that’s how they are programmed and makes them feel happy to complain.

Either way, we are all programmed a certain way and some differently than others. Which makes us all individually a part of a certain tribe. Each tribe carries different qualities, elements, and attributes, which makes them no better than the other–it’s just different. We are part of certain tribes because it makes us feel a part of something, or we connect with certain characteristics that had been buried into our brains from past experiences. Our past experiences is what makes us differently the same. Which is why, most of the time we do not understand, neglect, or frown upon other tribes way of living because we have never lived in such manners. We all had different experiences with certain similarities and opposing agendas.

…as for my experience, it was high school colligate wrestling…

There’s something in a wrestler, that makes them a wrestler…

Me: “You know in fighting you never compete at 100%. All the weight cutting, injuries, it’s the fight business–that’s what happens.”

Dan O’Cone: “Yeah. If you fight at 100%, then you probably didn’t train hard. And if you are physically 100% you still had to cut weight, so technically you’re never 100%”

Me: “You’re 100% right…”

Dan O’Cone: “You know, there is just something inside a wrestler, that you can’t teach. Wrestler’s are programmed to not quit if we want something. We can’t quit because, we HAVE to make weight and after you make weight, you HAVE to wrestle, and after you win, lose, or get what we wanted–we HAVE to make weight again. Imagine, a teenager, 15-16 years old going through all this; not eating or drinking, going through wrestling practice in heavy clothes, and leaving practice to go home and put heavier clothes on to work out again because we HAVE to make weight in order to compete. Two days a week, for three months–and some all year round. Your average person, works hard in the gym, goes home eats a nice meal and rests on the couch. Not wrestlers. After the back-and-forth scramble, wrestlers always go back in the center of the mat, in their stance, and ready to keep moving again. So going through that experience makes a wrestler–a WRESTLER.”

This man was right, and being a wrestler helps develop a person into a man that doesn’t understand how to quit. Wrestling helped create my physical and mental qualities that formulated a whole new DNA, which I never even knew existed. With all the elements that pertained during high school wrestling, it taught me more about life than any classroom could have. It taught me self-discipline, helped me get in touch with my emotions, created a mind set of instinctual progression and to keep moving on, whether things go our way or not.

Have-to vs. Want-to…

As Dan mentioned, wrestlers HAVE to make weight in order to wrestle, especially if we want to achieve what we want…

Understanding that our have-to’s is the road we have-to take in order to reach our want-to’s in life We all want-to be champions, be wealthy, be famous, be in great shape, be in love and understand that their is a long road to take in order to reach certain wants. But most of us had never been through the “I have to’s.”– wrestlers have. If we continually live doing things we want-to do, then we will never truly get what we want. By doing things we always want to do, will give us options–and one of those options is quitting. On the other hand, when we have to do something then there are no options, we can’t quit because it has to get done–it gives us personal accountability.

If we do what we HAVE to do and quit, then we lose–but we always have another chance when we HAVE to do a certain thing…

If we do what we WANT to do and quit, nothing happens–you’re just a quitter, and nothing will EVER happen…

The ten-foot circle of life…

During a wrestling match you have a ten-foot diameter of space where the wrestling match takes place. The objective is to put someone flat on their back to achieve a pin or score more points than your opponent, and you will get your hand raised with a win. In between the objective, both contenders are fighting to score points to get closer to victory. During the scramble, there are times where you will score points, get scored on, or out of bounds–and we always start back in the center until the match is over. In a wrestlers’ world, everything happens inside of that ten-foot diameter, anything outside will have to be drawn back into the center of the mat. I have come to realize that these boundaries, rules, and regulations had sub-consciously created a life template for myself.

wrestlingThink of the ten-foot circle as the world you live in, and the small center circle is where you; can be born, can die, or stay stagnant. Inside of the ten-foot circle, is where life comes after us as you battle against your foe’s, fears, and becomes uncomfortable. As a wrestler, you do everything in your will to break this conformity, as we do in life. And no matter what, after the huge scramble, most of the time we get out of bounds. Whether we score points, get scored on, or back to neutral; we have to head back into the center of the mat and keep our composure–as in life, when things are in motion they tend to fray into distortion, and we learned how to center our selves back into our original ambition. In the center of the mat, is where life gets real. We start in the center, we win and lose in the center, and we end in the center–but no matter what we are always centered—and that’s what life is about, always finding your center.

We find our center, and do the best we possibly can–over and over again. We are never 100% ready to do something, but we are always ready to give 100%

But after wrestling, what’s next?

The choice is yours, you could either leave your shoes in the center of the mat, or carry your wrestling shoes everywhere you go….


Costume Vs. Charisma

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Many of us (including myself) cannot tell the difference between our own characteristics. It is hard to distinguish between who we are, who we had become, and who we pretend to be. Sometimes we want to become someone we are not, so we wear a costume to hinder our true charisma. We develop a shell to block our true selves because we are afraid to show the world who we truly are, or in most cases have gotten so caught up in our own costume that we completely lost our pure charisma.

Our charisma frequently changes if we continually wear our costumes…

If we wear the costume as a villain, we tend to send the wrong message, we influence others to do things we really don’t believe in, and we keep our masks on to have others join in on our untrue actions to help convince our selfishness that we are doing the right thing. But when the mask is off, we are a nobody and it saps our energy.

On the other hand, if we wear a super-hero costume it helps others in a positive way–it is still equally as draining. The costume we are now wearing is helping others find there way with positive charisma but, it’s still a costume. We get caught up in other peoples mess and help them clean it up by using our so-called super powers. The powers we have when the costume is on, is not our true power–it’s only used to show others and have them believe we attain them–which is a lie. When the mask comes off, we are still a nobody.

I’m guilty for this as well, I have had many costumes through the years just to keep myself guarded from others, as if I had some something special or sacred to hide–I had nothing. I was a low-life piece of garbage (at one point) but made everyone believe I was larger than life. My circus acts were nothing but a show, to make people laugh, to make others believe I was some type of super hero, or villain. But when the mask came off, and I was alone at night–I crumbled like the waffle cone–I was fragile.

My charisma–was false….

Until I finally woke up one day and said, “I can’t feel like this anymore.” I looked into the mirror and barley recognized the reflection and cried like a little school boy that lost his lunch. The costume I used to wear was attached to my skin like blood sucking leaches–and that’s what the costume did, sucked my blood dry of my true character.

Which ever costume we choose to wear, remember that its still a costume. If our costume is to have others join us on our villainous actions, then that’s bad charisma. If our costume is to help others in a positive manner, then that’s good charisma. But. either way, it’s not pure charisma and will never last forever.

So how can we develop a long lasting character, or spread pure charisma?

Take the mask off and be ourselves….

The art of dying…

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I’ve had swords swung at my face; I’ve had guns pointed at my face; I’d gotten into deadly street brawls; I’d been locked inside a cage to fight another animal seeking for blood; I’d attempted car crashing suicide; I’d drawn blood from people with my own hands; I’d seen people draw blood from me; I’d seen people die right on the pavement;  several times I had stared into the eyes of the Grim Reaper, but he never sliced me with his scythe–but each time was just as scary as the last.

Most of us fear death, we are terrified to no longer live in a life that we are accustomed too. We are programmed to be alive, using our senses, and walking through our everyday routine of monotony, progression, or regression.  All of us, live differently–none of us have the same lives–but all of us are scared to die.


Based upon our beliefs, when death occurs, the outcome is different. Some believe we will enter a land of paradise, or a land of torture. Some believe we will be reincarnated into a new life-form. Some believe our spirits will break into a molecular wave and recreate from the atoms. Some believe we will just poof in the air into dust. These believes have all one thing in common–they’re all assumptions. There is no true evidence that any form of after-life had been proven. After-life is only based off of stories, theory’s, and beliefs.

The reason we fear death is because we are stepping into the unknown. We have no idea what we will enter when our heart stops beating. The fear of major change, is why we are truly scared of death. There is no way we can prepare for this moment. We could believe in all the theory’s, stories, and assumptions that are embedded in our minds–but none of that matter until we actually experience death. We will never actually know, until we die…

Yet, the same goes for life…

We are all scared to do something new; terrified to step into the unknown; afraid of challenging our minds to have our body enter a new life-form. We could have all the knowledge in the world, but none of that ever matters until we actually take action with what we know–what sucks is that most of us will never move forward with our knowledge because we’re afraid. Most of us would “rather die” than do something different that we know could possibly make our lives better–you’re a chump.

We don’t actually fear death–we fear change….

Fear this….

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Fear happens in our lives consistently, and we have no idea. We come up with great ideas, and then automatically shut them down with excuses. “If I only had the time” or “People would love my idea, but I can’t figure out how to create it.” Most of the time, we know what we have to do–but fear steps in the way and shuts us down. We are afraid to fail, be embarrassed, lose, or neglected. We’re also too lazy to deal with the outcome if we do fall down, the process of getting back up and doing it all over again–is to stressful for our lives–bullshit…

Personally, I had learned to deal with fears in an odd way. For entire year, I placed my self in situations that I knew would had made me uncomfortable. Every single day, I would do minor things to help me embrace the feelings of nervousness, timidness, anxiety, and anxiousness–so that when a larger fear comes forward, I am able to adjust to the feeling of nerve wrecking parallelization.

I would scratch my nails on chalkboards (we all know that sucks)…

I would go on amusement park rides (because I was terrified of them–yes its true)…

I would put my left shoe first instead of my right (because I’m used to the opposite)…

I would do everyday activities with my left hand (because I’m right handed)…

I would take opposite roads while driving and get lost on purpose (because I would have to figure it out–no GPS)…

Now when the larger fears would come to surface, it was much easier to deal with…

Stepping in the cage to fight…

Investing into a new business opportunity…

Building a true relationship…

These are just some examples of what helped me fight my fears, and now I’m addicted to fear. I enjoy the feeling of being uncomfortable. I love the feeling of bumble-bee’s swarming my stomach. I Can’t wait to get my palm sweaty again. I strive for it….

I suggest you do the same…

You see, for every second that goes by there is constant fighting going on inside of us. Some fights are so easy that we subconsciously do not even recognize there was even a fight going on in the first place. Then there are the tough fights, ones where we cannot even bear the mere thought of them because we might snap, so we decide the best solution is to retreat. Wrong, we chose the cowardly solution. What we must learn, as individuals who want to grow, is to transform the tough fights we retreat from into the easy fights we don’t even notice.

I know, easier said than done. We must do this because fear is the number one super villain and the kryptonite to our souls that exists in our solar system. This super villain is immortal, will never go away, will poison our minds and bodies, varies in size and power, and will hunt us down our entire lives as long as we decide to stay inferior. Our weakness gives fear the power to kill us at any speed it wishes with its ruthless actions. We can die a slow death, a fast death, or the worst kind of death—death while still alive. Fear can take our insides for keeps and leave us empty and incapable of growing. Fear is the kind of super-villain that will use its power to take away our power to love, rip it into shreds of confetti, and throw it in the air during the celebration of a new marriage.

“Do you take FEAR into holy matrimony until DEATH do you part? I do.” Yet, did you know that we also possess superpowers of our own that can be enhanced the more we search for it? That’s right, we have the superhero powers to crush fear dead in its tracks, diminish the thoughts of it, and suck the negative spirits right out of its heart. Enough is enough, let us start striking back at our fears and begin to develop the fighter that is inside all of us. So the next time we are asked to enter into matrimony again with fear, we will boldly say, “I do not.”

Is happiness a feeling?

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We all have had the worst of times, but also the best. We’ve all had long grueling moments of self-defeat, but also had moments of self-improvement. We all know the feeling that forces our head to nod downward and stare into hell, but also know the feeling to walk tall and stare into the heavens. We are ALL familiar with the feelings and moments of excitement, fear, desire, doubt, confidence, neglect, acceptance, sadness, laughter, apathy, and happiness…

In one lifetime or another, we will encounter certain moments in life that we will forever live with, as well as the next life. It’s the moment of feelings that drive us in life, we live every moment to feel a certain emotion. To feel the excitement of becoming a better person than we were the day before, or to feel the fear of doubt to set us backwards.

To move freely with confidence, or to self neglect.

To laugh in happiness, or to pity in sorrow.

Either way, we choose to feel for the moment—what do you live for?

Personally, I’ve had numerous of set backs in life (and I’m sure we ALL have)–but that’s what made me stronger. I’ve done my “fair share” of alcohol, drugs, and living life in the swamps of bottom feeders, but I slowly swam out–I knew I was more valuable. I became aware of what feeling kept me alive, apposed to death. But we are ALL valuable, we are all worth more than we believe. We are all a valuable asset to this Universe.

What moment do you live for?

What feeling are you chasing?

What is it that you truly live for?

Win, lose, succeed, or fail–always live for the moments you love. Do more of that, and your self-value will be priceless…


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Let us examine the popular Nintendo game, Super Mario, on its perspective of life. (If you are not familiar with this game, then you definitely need to experience much more than you think!) The journey for Super Mario is a great example of how life should be experienced and how the process occurs. Come on, let’s be honest, who
doesn’t want to run around like a maniac, break things with our heads, kill stuff with fire balls, eat mushrooms to
get stronger, collect money, and make out with a princess at the end!?

You see, Mario was a goddamn nobody. He was a simple Italian plumber with nothing to look forward to in life besides cleaning up the over flowing s#@t, unclogging the sewer pipes. But Mario knew there was much more to life than just being a plumber. He knew his inner talents were much more valuable aside from being swift with a plunger. Mario knew he had a calling to become something great and live life in a much bigger way. He just did not have the opportunity yet to become amazing.

All of the sudden, Bowser comes along, casts a spell on the Mushroom Kingdom and kidnaps the Mushroom
King’s daughter, Princess Toadstool. (Her name gives her no justice, she was smoking hot!) As Mario is cleaning the toilets of disgusting excrement inside the Kingdom, he notices that the Kingdom needs help removing a spell and has a princess being held hostage. Mario is quick to realize that this is his chance to do something amazing and experience a journey he believed in. He is confident and ready to step into the unknown, bravely accepting the challenge that life has placed in front of him. This was his calling, his time to shine. Mario knew he was far more than a Ginzo plumber who fixes toilets. He knew was much more than just Mario. Instead, he was SUPER MARIO.
Super Mario’s journey consisted of different stages in each level. In each stage, Mario faced different enemies and had to kill them with different attacks. He ate mushrooms to become bigger and stronger, ate flowers to throw fireballs, collected leaves to fly, played the flute to travel, collected coins to fill his pockets, and through all
of his experiences, he stuck to the main goal of success: To free his loved one, Princess Toadstool, and live happily ever after. Along the way, he faced many enemies who tried to stop him in his quest. These enemies included the Goombas, the Koopa Troopas, the Buzzy Beetles, the Bullet Bills, the Hammer Bros, the Jumping Cheep-Cheeps , and of course, the head honcho, Bowser. Whew! As you can see, there were a lot of battles Mario had to take on between attacking the enemies. Breaking blocks, jumping over bridges, collecting money, and who knows what else. (Talk about doing a lot of cardio!)

Super Mario learned many new lessons throughout his quest such as overcoming innumerous amounts of obstacles, receiving guidance from others, and collecting power ups as he went along. Even when he “died” he still had the choice to continue his quest or start over. Either way, he decided to keep moving forward in his adventure. After all was said and done, Super Mario passed all the obstacles, killed all the enemies, defeated Bowser, and saved (banged) the Princess. He then chose to return back to the Mushroom Kingdom until his next adventure because that is what heroes do. Heroes live for the experience, live for the adventure, and
live to explore new things on the journey….

Pain is temporary but, only if we make it out to be…

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Life, as we know it, never goes as planned—for the most part. We try so hard to adjust with the winds but the sail continues to direct us into failure. We ask ourselves, “WHY ME?” “I DON’T GET IT!” or “HOW COME THIS HAPPENS?!” We often feel like the “victim” of a role playing story, well guess what—We are not victims. Things happen in our lives because that’s what our world had planned. Scenarios take place because thats what we have attracted into our lives through past, present, and future mind sets and actions. None of this, is an accident…

But, we have the power to either stay the “victim” or accept our past and continue to move forward. This is where determination kicks in. This is where heart takes place. This is where we have to take a stand within our souls and say , “GET UP.” We all have pain, misery, and fears—in one way or another. Everybody’s pain is different but always remember–it could be worse. Always remember this time of “pain” will pass as long as we stay active, not stagnant…

Appreciate what you have, who is in your life, and most of all—who you are. Accept the past failures, mishaps, and people who did you “wrong”. Adjust your mind and body to take a new outlook, approach, and living of life. Finally, adapt to your atmosphere and new form of living that you chose to have. At the end of the day, the choice is ours, we could play the victim card or—keep moving forward. Today, lets make a choice for ourselves….

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