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Costume Vs. Charisma

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , on June 17, 2015 by Jay Isip


Many of us (including myself) cannot tell the difference between our own characteristics. It is hard to distinguish between who we are, who we had become, and who we pretend to be. Sometimes we want to become someone we are not, so we wear a costume to hinder our true charisma. We develop a shell to block our true selves because we are afraid to show the world who we truly are, or in most cases have gotten so caught up in our own costume that we completely lost our pure charisma.

Our charisma frequently changes if we continually wear our costumes…

If we wear the costume as a villain, we tend to send the wrong message, we influence others to do things we really don’t believe in, and we keep our masks on to have others join in on our untrue actions to help convince our selfishness that we are doing the right thing. But when the mask is off, we are a nobody and it saps our energy.

On the other hand, if we wear a super-hero costume it helps others in a positive way–it is still equally as draining. The costume we are now wearing is helping others find there way with positive charisma but, it’s still a costume. We get caught up in other peoples mess and help them clean it up by using our so-called super powers. The powers we have when the costume is on, is not our true power–it’s only used to show others and have them believe we attain them–which is a lie. When the mask comes off, we are still a nobody.

I’m guilty for this as well, I have had many costumes through the years just to keep myself guarded from others, as if I had some something special or sacred to hide–I had nothing. I was a low-life piece of garbage (at one point) but made everyone believe I was larger than life. My circus acts were nothing but a show, to make people laugh, to make others believe I was some type of super hero, or villain. But when the mask came off, and I was alone at night–I crumbled like the waffle cone–I was fragile.

My charisma–was false….

Until I finally woke up one day and said, “I can’t feel like this anymore.” I looked into the mirror and barley recognized the reflection and cried like a little school boy that lost his lunch. The costume I used to wear was attached to my skin like blood sucking leaches–and that’s what the costume did, sucked my blood dry of my true character.

Which ever costume we choose to wear, remember that its still a costume. If our costume is to have others join us on our villainous actions, then that’s bad charisma. If our costume is to help others in a positive manner, then that’s good charisma. But. either way, it’s not pure charisma and will never last forever.

So how can we develop a long lasting character, or spread pure charisma?

Take the mask off and be ourselves….

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