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It’s All My Fault….

Posted in Words of a broken voice box. on October 21, 2013 by Jay Isip


It’s All My Fault….

Changing the brainwave of what my dream has envisioned with a stretch,yawn, and erection. Slowly rub the hardened mucus that has entrapped my sight on reality. Stare and flex into the thickened glass of a creation made by thoughts and molecules from within. I crack the air bubbles inside the structure for temporary revilement releasing the gas for mobility. Strap on my face of joy to deal with the undealt to spread the joy of my pocket and there needs. I speak to the sharks, consistently wiping my cell phone as a constant flow of marshmallows start to create a film over my mobile device. While the sharks are laughing due to my voice, i leave a repeated echo in they’re ear for a distraction to open a wound on the back end. As I smell the blood in the air and hear the coins fall, i leave my suitcase beneath the opening. Once it overflows I bandage the cut, lick the blood off my fingers, so it doesn’t stain the leather of my suitcase. Walking down the ave looking shiny and sleek, expensive loafers, leather jackets and diamonds shimmering off my wrist blinding my surroundings of who I really am. The costume I have put together was expensive and seen by many eyes as a Villain or a Super Hero. Majority of the day the villain is active but, only to feed the super hero as he awaits in his head quarters to reap all the benefits. I smile to those I love to receive love back, and I smile to those I don’t love just to receive a handshake as the other hand plunges inside there heart draining every ounce of blood I require to proceed towards my success without leaving a mark as they are memorized by the 7.5k smile that they helped pay for. After the bloody money has been stored in its coffin it gets put towards dreams of achievements. After the villain drains your energy into my soul, we use it to create a better super hero and fly in dreams that I choose to live which most people could only dream of. The grey I live in is color blind to the many people who believe they see my true colors. I take away peoples hard work they have earned, I steal peoples powers they have been granted, I rob peoples bank account with offers they cant refuse, I swipe loved ones off there feet and take them away from loved ones, and all done with a simple smile and a slow walk. But is it my fault? Is it my fault I work harder than the last person? Is it my fault I am 10 steps ahead of the last person by doing my research? Is it my fault I busted my ass to kick yours? Is it my fault you took my offer to make my bank bigger? Is it my fault your girl is attracted to me because I do what it takes to be a better person? Is it my fault I wake up everyday to do what it takes to accomplish a dream that I seek to achieve? So is it my fault?….. Yes, it is my fault….

Erased Sober…

Posted in Words of a broken voice box. with tags , , on February 8, 2012 by Jay Isip

Prison to the horizon, verizon fios
remote control has sold in to the memory of bios.
On the couch clicking away to a sickening,
flickering through channels that has you figiting.
Alone in your light with combinations to a fight,
but the numbers are stuck alphabetically in your site.
Liquid enhanced that makes you want to dance,
prance around in Timbs with Speedos you call pants.
Eyelids are flipped as your brain took a dip,
a sip is all it took as your stomach says legit.
Parched for aqua but the brain can not follow
cotton mouthed to the fullest with memories of self sorrow.
No water is in prison with your undecided decision,
for the mind to take over or the placebo to make a vision.
Eyes closed your possessed, eyes open your at rest,
you’re the best at what you do even when you are a mess.
45% is what you inquire, running down your throat like fire,
chemically inspired,compulsive liar to yourself as you get higher.
Accepting the burn down your neck and your spinal,
arrival of the demon that makes your soul go spiral.
You care the less of others and most importantly yourself,
the evil elf is present with your neck around a belt.
Veins bulging through the forehead, bluer than a Smurf,
cursing at the mirror with broken glass cutting your turf.
Suicide is nothing compared to what you have in store,
allure in burning liquid falsely convinced that’s the cure.
The core is in strength but alcohol is in length,
longevity the brain requires but the ions are spent.
Clueless of your world but your world is the coolest
walk a block with my feet but remember you are shoeless,
Your thoughts are intact but in-fact they are ruthless.
When you kick with bad habit bad intentions are rapid,
assassins are in place to take your soul with the has beens.
The demons take over your lucky four leaf clover
its over now bastard your memory erased sober……

Many Live. Many Dream. Only Few Live the Dream….

Posted in Words of a broken voice box. with tags , , on January 30, 2012 by Jay Isip

Awaken from the dream where unreality cannot be granted,
mistaken from the the seeds of visions that cannot be planted.
Clockwork ticks latching on the arm that counts minutes,
life style monotonous as you settle down with it.
You live and live life the way you’re “supposed to”
dream and dream on about life that’s apposed to.
Walking in shoes previously purchased for dress code,
running in shoes pictured perfect but perfectly let go.
Set flow of actions as your head pilot is set auto,
trained and programmed living life with no also.
Visuals attack your stomach falsely living in rotation,
dream a little dream seeking your motivation.
Motivation is within the heart just poke with a dart,
bleeding end results tasting the blood as a spark.
Get out of the clockwork to achieve and redeem,
before and after not to seek, seek actions in between.
Awaken from the live, dreaming is now the living,
passion being chased weather catching or giving.
Thoughts of reality, reality are now thoughts,
overcome whats accomplished aggressive at all costs.
Dream big and live bigger from 6 to 10 figures,
make thoughts an action is all it takes, go figure.
Easier said than done but when done life is easy,
Hurt some and Love some, Regrets are for the weaklings.
Blood,sweat,and tears create the steam that you bleed,
Many dream. Many live. Only few Live the Dream….

Our World and the One Around us….

Posted in Words of a broken voice box. with tags , , , on December 2, 2011 by Jay Isip

Eyes are so focused on the next day ahead
Thoughts for the future as we lay in our bed.
We gain and gain more achieving the goal sought
success after success achieving more than we thought.
Happiness ahead and shooting for the stars,
nothing can stop you now strutting in full charge.
Spinning the world on your index with rotation at your pace
time is on your side at high speed but no chase.
Driving on the road you built with strategy and tactics
miraculous events in your vision and some may have passed us.
So focused about the future forgetting about the past,
forgetting you must plant a seed in soil before it grows grass.
Achieving happiness with success as the world is now yours
touch selfishness and greed but don’t make it your chore.
We get caught up in future can’t walk or stand still
always on the move with no sleep and run hills.
We speed towards our goals that the future may pass
gas tank is empty for our soul but in life we kick ass.
Happiness and beauty awaits you and awaits all
sometimes we rush through summer,spring,winter,then FALL.
Beauty is in front of us all sometimes your eyes can’t see
take a stop in your tracks and you’ll see colors in a leaf.
Patients is key as we forget the world around our own
relax and sit back we can see the world from our throne.
We achieved and received our eyes on success with clear view
so focused so determined we forgot to check the rear view…

Ortiz not Mature Enough for Mayweather Boxing Level…..

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Was It All Worth It?

Posted in Words of a broken voice box. with tags on August 1, 2011 by Jay Isip

For one day I was courageous, while you acquired laziness contagiousness, was it all worth it?
For one day I fought with heart, while the rest of you talked and barked, was it all worth it?
For one day I tried and failed, while the rest of you would fry and bail, was it all worth it?
For one day I gave it my all, while the rest of you dwelled and stalled, was it all worth it?
For one day I gave you my world, while you hid your world and hurled, was it all worth it?
For one day I punched till I flopped, while you punched in your clock, was it all worth it?
For one day I sacrificed to succeed, while you grabbed a knife to bleed, was it all worth it?
For one day I walked though heaven and burned, while you walked  purgatory and yearned. was it all worth it?
For one day I Lost my soul during the battle, while you lost your soul from a bottle, was it all worth it?
For one day I missed more shots then I made, while you took no shots and stayed, was it all worth it?
For all these days I did not succeed, I could barley breathe, my heart was at leave,got burned and did not achieve…
For all of these days you sat on your ass, maybe got up for class, and watched me fail as you laughed…
For one day I was in glory, while you watched and told others my story.
For one day I was brave with my thoughts, while your thoughts were at save in the lost.
For one day I went through pain just to love, while you touched your pain with a glove.
For one day I felt like death to go after what I seek, while you saw what you seek as you hid with the crowd and peeked.

For one day I failed, did not achieve and died…

For one day I failed, did not retreat and survived…

For one day I failed, did not receive and cried…

For one day I failed, but I will still proceed alive…

For all days I failed there’s not one day I did not BELIEVE and TRY.

Was it all worth it? YOU BET YOUR FUCKING ASS IT WAS……

Osama Bin Laden in “THRILLER”

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One you thought he was killed…………


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