I love complaining, about people who complain…

99 Problems–all bitching!

Face it, we all enjoy to bitch once in a while. We all complain about things that occur in our own personal world, which is usually influenced by our culture. Everyone has different problems that effect their emotions on different levels, and everyone has different ways to deal with them–or not deal with them. It is in our nature, as humans, to complain about our lives and why things aren’t going a certain way because of certain scenarios. I understand that life usually never pans out the way we expect it too, but that’s life and it never goes as planned—I mean never. Sometimes it works out better than we expected, and then sometimes it doesn’t pan out well at all, but usually never goes as planned–slightly different than we believed.
But why bitch about it?

I’ll tell you why, because we are all so quick to find an excuse, a way out, and to feel like a victim in some movie that you are role playing in. We complain because it is easier to give up, than it is to move forward when things get rough. We complain because it is easier to find a scape-goat before we even start, rather than to jump in line and figure out a solution. We complain because it is easier to connect with others who dwell, as you pamper each others sorrowful emotions with make-believe stories that help aid your excuses.

After continuously complaining, it soon becomes our instinct because we had become addicted to the feeling of being in complaint. By this point, it’s almost too late to change–mainly because it is now our new habitat. Our new surroundings are all now complainers, and most complainers problems, are not real problems when compared to the world issues that truly hold grief. The complainers problems are barely a microbe under the lens compared to what true problems are out there.

Complainers love to complain about things that aren’t really a problem.

For an example…

Winter time: “It’s too cold out!”

Summer time: It’s too hot out!”

I love complaining, about people who complain. Call me hypocritical, but I like to call it—-ehhhhh I guess I am a hypocrite….

..at the end of the day, we’re all a bunch of complaining ass bitches…


Now don’t get me wrong, I’m completely guilty about complaining for the darnest things, and it’s not easy to always live your life in such a kumbaya  attitude. But only if we could catch ourselves before or after we complain, and not let the complaint ruin our time-of-day, is what we need to be aware of. So, if we compare our problems to much less fortunate people in our world–then it becomes easier for us to accept our so-called problems and laugh them off.

I’m sympathetic to an extent, especially when the problem is extremely tragic or unlucky situations, but other than that–you could go suck an egg.

Things I am not sympathetic for. The general “First World Problems” that have happened to me…

1. Weather. “Its too hot outside!” goes into air conditioned room ,”It’s too cold in here!”

It’s going to be colder when I smack your pants off.

2. Weight. “I don’t know why I am not losing weight, I work out all the time.”

Our society has set us up for failure to make us all overweight–I get it. But complaining about being overweight will not magically get you in the shape of your desire. You’re fat because you’re not strong enough to eat the proper foods. Stop eating like a Gavone! Have one slice of pizza, not eight slices—starving children in 3rd World countries would kill to have a slice.

3. Pregnant people who complain about not wanting to be pregnant. “I can’t believe I’m pregnant, it like, just happened!”

No it happened because there was a penis inside your vagina. Of course we all have sex, and we all understand the benefits as well as the mishaps–so don’t be surprised if a little guy swims his way to your eggs. You have three choices; wear a condom, pull out, or have the baby–end of discussion. Maybe an abortion, but that’s your choice.

4. Materialistic items. “I hate when my Michelle watch leaves a tan line on my wrist when I wear it to the beach.” or “I can’t believe my Gucci loafers have leather soles, now I have to get custom rubber bottoms so I don’t slip.”

About the shoes—that was me BTW, what a bitch thing to say–I’m actually ashamed those words come out of my mouth. I’ll smack myself for you…

5. Cosmetics. “You just got ketchup in my $100 up-do!”

You know that $100 could feed an entire family in a third-world country for almost a month, and I’m sure they would be more than glad to have a lick of that Heinz.

6. Electronics: “My remote batteries ran out, and we have no batteries in the house! Now, I have to go out to the store and buy more batteries!”

So you’re telling me, you’ll get up, to go to the store, and get more batteries, but not get up to change the channel?

7. Cell phones. “I hate that my cell phone battery only last for half the day.”

Then get the fuck off Instagram!

8. Food and Beverage. “I asked for my steak medium-well, not medium, and can I have more ice for my ice water?”

Flem glazed steak coming right up!

Now, there are tons-and-tons of examples, but these are the examples that stick out from my experiences.

People, these are not real problems. There are far way worse problems in our world that couldn’t even compare to most of the things our culture complains about. Some people lose limbs during wars, get paralyzed from car accidents, haven’t ate or drank for days, maybe weeks, have fatal diseases that they can’t cure, have lost sense of hearing, seeing, feeling and all the senses we are used to having–but we take them for granted because it is custom to our everyday lifestyle.

Remember, the world turns in one direction every second of the day for us to stay alive. This planet Earth keeps 7 billion plus people breathing, and each and every one of those people carry a problem. Your problem compared this planet Earth is 1 out of 14,000,000,000. Which technically means your not even a dot, under the microscope of a space satellite, which means your problem, doesn’t even exist to man-kind. It only exists inside yourself. Your problems are not real problems, when you compare it to the world. Most of our problems are superficial, and we take our lives for granted–and it’s pathetic.

So, in conclusion, keep on complaining about your problems, it will give me more to complain about…


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