Ready, aim, fire….

10014541_866548826736279_9194109830566766145_nReady, Aim, Fire! Always move forward when you are ready to move forward. While it feels good to have the reassurance, consent, opinions, and the outside perspectives of others, it yields no results for us or our creative tactics. Listening to what others think about our creative process will only slow down progression.

We need to learn to take outside opinions with as small a grain of salt as possible because a majority of the time, the outside opinion is geared towards their own personal preference. The outside opinion is not part of our original creative process, hence why it is called an outside opinion. If we let others influence our original thoughts, we are allowing them to steer us towards an unwanted path.

Like my childhood friend Brian Davis says, “Sometimes in our path, there are forks in the road. Either you must choose to go right or left, but no matter which direction we choose to go, it was our original thought and not someone else’s. By listening to an outside opinion meant we chose the path of destruction by heading straight towards the fork and smashing into the divider.”

So, let us always remind ourselves that we must move forward at our own will and no one else’s. Never wait for reassurance that “you are doing the right thing” because it will only halt your creative process. Should you encounter someone who wants to interrupt the free-flowing, productive, and creative path you have chosen, tell him or her to scat! Who are they to interfere with your creativity?


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