Your ideas are like curry–it’s hipster-trending but they stink…


Every restaurant is now adding curry to everything and I can’t stand it–let alone the smell. As the hipster-bee’s swarm around the freshly grown lifestyle of “it’s cool to be different” crops, the farm produce had harvested long sticky beards, under-shaved pompadours, flamboyantly colored  pants that are too tight, American diluted Japanese hair-buns, vintage only items that were actually re-produced this year, Lil-Weezy snap-backs and tattoo’s, and these crops need no showers–as if these trendy plants couldn’t stink the place up any more–they had decided to spice things up with some curry.

Their great idea, changed the world; created a new life-form of characters, and it flew through our generation like an ultra-violet gamma ray. Someone in the industry came up with an idea, and moved forward with it–which in turn, started a new culture.

I’m appalled that this idea worked, but….

I’m more appalled with everyone’s “great ideas” that people never move forward with. With our culture being so advanced, it has made it easier for our ideas to come into fruition–but at the same time much harder. Because of the easy access to information the world-wide-web had given everyone, it’s much simpler to learn, research, and get answers for our ideas to become alive. On the flip side, social media had developed a strong and valuable status-quo where everyone’s voice can be heard, and it counts (I know kinda sad right?). The abundant access of creating our ideas, terrifies us because anyone who has internet access (which is everyone) will see what we had brought to life–if we had at all. Also, there is too much information out there, too many opinions, and too many strategies–sometimes it’s just too much for one to handle.

So let’s keep it simple. To bring ideas to life, there are four principle’s…

1. Find a need, unsolved problem, or create one…

2. Master all of the essentials for the new problem…

3. Provide something different to an old standard…

4. Believe in what you have created, and take action…

Our ideas are great, and will only stay ideas until you begin to take some action–otherwise–it’s as useful as a hipster…

You see, one-day someone decided that they’re going to create a problem, and in this case, the origin problem was that it’s not okay to be different, nerds with glasses aren’t “cool”, and we should all be well groomed. But then, they said “hey, let’s all rebel against this standard outlook” which then made it okay. They began playing dress up with celebrities and slapping them with every vibrant color on the paint chart at Home Depot, giant nerdy framed glasses from Steve Urkel, and giving them grooming styles that looks like they had never been groomed before. They fashion industry made it cool to be different; cool to look like crap; and cool to look lazy. Kind of oxymoron, but it worked–and I can’t believe it. It makes me sick, and on top of everything–they threw some curry on it–everyone all of a sudden is a curry king.

Side thought: Personally, I don’t like curry. My friends and family love it, but there’s just something about it that makes my intestines squirm around like worms in dirt. I’ll throw up right now…


If someone can completely change a worldview with simple tactics, create an entire culture with a simple twist, and have everyone change there outlook to think they are different when they’re actually all the same–why the hell can’t we?

Take your ideas, write them down, follow the principles, and start working on them–most of all–shut your god damn mouth. No one wants to hear your great ideas anyway–most of the time we only subjectively speak about our ideas, and swim for responses for our ideas to either; fluff our ego, or find an excuse to why we can’t proceed with our idea’s.

In conclusion, only share your ideas with people you want involved, otherwise—shut the hell up….


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