The art of dying…


I’ve had swords swung at my face; I’ve had guns pointed at my face; I’d gotten into deadly street brawls; I’d been locked inside a cage to fight another animal seeking for blood; I’d attempted car crashing suicide; I’d drawn blood from people with my own hands; I’d seen people draw blood from me; I’d seen people die right on the pavement;  several times I had stared into the eyes of the Grim Reaper, but he never sliced me with his scythe–but each time was just as scary as the last.

Most of us fear death, we are terrified to no longer live in a life that we are accustomed too. We are programmed to be alive, using our senses, and walking through our everyday routine of monotony, progression, or regression.  All of us, live differently–none of us have the same lives–but all of us are scared to die.


Based upon our beliefs, when death occurs, the outcome is different. Some believe we will enter a land of paradise, or a land of torture. Some believe we will be reincarnated into a new life-form. Some believe our spirits will break into a molecular wave and recreate from the atoms. Some believe we will just poof in the air into dust. These believes have all one thing in common–they’re all assumptions. There is no true evidence that any form of after-life had been proven. After-life is only based off of stories, theory’s, and beliefs.

The reason we fear death is because we are stepping into the unknown. We have no idea what we will enter when our heart stops beating. The fear of major change, is why we are truly scared of death. There is no way we can prepare for this moment. We could believe in all the theory’s, stories, and assumptions that are embedded in our minds–but none of that matter until we actually experience death. We will never actually know, until we die…

Yet, the same goes for life…

We are all scared to do something new; terrified to step into the unknown; afraid of challenging our minds to have our body enter a new life-form. We could have all the knowledge in the world, but none of that ever matters until we actually take action with what we know–what sucks is that most of us will never move forward with our knowledge because we’re afraid. Most of us would “rather die” than do something different that we know could possibly make our lives better–you’re a chump.

We don’t actually fear death–we fear change….


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