Be careful, those kids are not a good influence–I know I wasn’t…


Do you remember that phrase we often heard as kids and teenagers “Be careful, those kids are not a good influence on you?” Well, unbelievably, this has to be asked once again and applied to our current life. If we are trying to achieve our goal, with our best interest in mind, it would not be wise to hang out with degenerates, losers, or any other kinds of people that will bring us and our morale down.

No matter what the relationship is, take a step back, look from the outside in, look inside each individual, and ask yourself “Is this person a negative influence on me?” You have to question everyone from your best friends, siblings, teammates, girlfriend, boyfriend, coworkers, the mailman, neighbor etc. Are they happy or are they just living day to day with a “woe is me” attitude? Are they acting on the present to help their future? Or are they dwelling on the past like a 40-year old man at a bar telling everyone how great of a quarterback he was in high-school as he is yelling at the football team on TV on what plays they should be running? Well, if he knew so much and was that great of a quarterback then why isn’t he on the field? Because, this 40-year old man is a has-been who is trying to arm wrestle everyone at the bar to prove “he’s still got it” and is living in the past.

We all know and have seen these types of people and most likely have a few of them hanging around us. You have to ask yourself, are they doing better today than they were last year, or are they still stuck and bitter? In all seriousness, take a step back and look at the people that surround your life. Now take their life into perspective and see how, and if it does, help you become closer to your goals. Nine times out of ten, that individual is holding you back.

Personally, I know I wasn’t a good influence to people during my “glory days” of mischievous activities. I was a terrible influence, but I had a strong effect on peoples decisions, which is why I use to manipulate others to join me during my villainous actions. Now, I believe I will still influence others with leading by example, build strong relationships with others in a positive manner to help one another. The key is to help each other grow, not to compete, or drag one another down.


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