The Four Aces of Life…



The Four Aces of Life…

Every experience in life can be broken down into four separate segments that we all go through. We must become aware of these four aspects in life so that we can properly deal with these experiences to the best of our ability, making the process of exploring our paths much easier.

1. Appreciation—I am not trying to sound redundant here, but we must appreciate all of the experiences we have faced. The truth is, whether the experience was positive or negative, it will never come our way again. So, appreciate each experience for all the new knowledge, new strength, and new wisdom we gained from them, for it has made us into the person we are today.

2. Acceptance—The power of acceptance is a strong attribute for our present mind state. By accepting the facts and flaws of who we are today, we will enable ourselves to not hold grudges on our past experiences. Accepting who and what we are in life today will only open the new doors for tomorrow. Accept and understand that we must not expect anything from anyone any situation, but rather just accept life for what it is. The only expectation we can have in life, is life itself. We have heard this saying many times, but the meaning is true, everything that happens in our lives, happens for a reason. Every experience in our lives serves a purpose and all that we can do is accept life for what it is, and what our life is not. Accept the present and only expect life to come in its own fashion.

3. Adjustment—Simple changes in our present lives will adjust the future. After accepting the present, we must make adjustments in our lives to enter the new doors we have just opened. In order to move forward with our actions, we must mentally adjust and prepare ourselves to erase our fears and step into the unknown. During this transitional stage of adjustment, our minds and bodies will fight each other and attempt to hold us back from proceeding. Each time we feel the struggle of doubt and fear, we have to continuously adjust our mindsets and remain focused on the bigger picture. As said before, whether a positive or negative experience, we must mentally adjust all of our thoughts into positive ones so we can enter our new journey smoother.

4. Adaptation—We have appreciated the past, accepted the present, and made adjustments to enter the future, so now it is time to adapt to the new journey we have chosen. We have to adapt to the new experiences we will face and mold ourselves into the new environment we have chosen by welcoming our new surroundings and absorbing the brand new atmosphere. Adapting into the new is a very exciting experience because it is a different kind of change and is exactly what life experience is all about.

Let the Four Aces of Appreciation, Acceptance, Adjustment, and Adaptation marinate for a little bit. Once we grasp this concept, we are ready to go through our upcoming life experience with a little more ease. Remember, this is an ongoing process and each time you live a new experience, the Four Aces will come into play.

You were dealt a good hand, so play your cards right.


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