One Direction…


One direction, is not the direction we should be looking for–or is it?

Be aware of your surroundings. We all have certain goals we wish to accomplish yet the majority of us have no idea where to start and/or become discouraged along the journey. We have set a list of goals, ready to go after them full throttle with the intention of accomplishment, and all by ourselves, because we believe whole-heartedly that we can handle such situations. Day in and day out, we soon realize how tired, discouraged, and pissed the f@#k off we are getting at ourselves for not being able to accomplish certain parts of our journey. Now we find ourselves swimming in mud and before we know it, we are drowning in our feces from all the sh!t we have put ourselves through. Naturally, we begin to ask ourselves, why did this happen, how did this happen, and what went wrong. Easy, we did not place ourselves in the correct atmosphere. By not seeking help, we actually put ourselves in a situation further away from our goals only to aimlessly be walking in circles more confused than a foreign exchange student trying to find the cafeteria who ended up in the boiler room licking a melted, lint-filled Hershey’s kiss from his pocket as lunch.

So now let us think, how come the foreign exchange student ended up in the boiler room instead of having himself a nice lunch in the cafeteria? Simple, he should have asked for help! Remember people, we are only human. We often convince ourselves that we can do things on our own and that asking for help is for the weak. WRONG! Sometimes, we cannot do things on our own, especially if we have no idea about the subject of our goal. Every professional, every successful person, basically everyone in general, needs help to get where they are looking to go. We need guidance. Look at it this way: When we need to travel to an unknown location, we instantly seek directions. We are not going to get there unless we ask the GPS, Google Maps, or even pull over to a gas station and asking for directions from someone who is familiar with the area. Because we are driving to an unfamiliar place, are we just going to hop in the car and say “Eehhh let’s see what happens.” No! We are going to end up more confused than a fat kid at a Whole Foods; meaning we will have no idea where we are or what to do.

The goal we have set is for our best interest therefore, it is in our best interest to find someone who is a professional in the area of our goal. Those professionals will provide us with the directions to that final destination that is unknown to us but familiar to them.

Don’t be afraid to ask for directions, being lost is okay, as long as you know where you want to end up…


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