What’s your happiness?


The sacrificial lifestyle where nothing existed besides this sport of MMA, the punishing daily grind that physically and mentally crushed my soul praying to GOD each night that I wake up “normal.

The cutting weight with no food, no water, no smiling for days, just to step on that scale to qualify with satisfaction–all for the honor, all for the glory, all for the blissful moments inside of that cage. For the happiness it brings fighters afterwards–or the sorrows.

But to get back up and do it all over again whether I win, lose, get hurt, give a beating, take a beating, just to have an opportunity to experience the feeling of getting locked inside that Cage accompanied with another animal trained to rip your head off.

But no one could understand why–besides a fighter. The determination to get up every day, the focus to stay mentally stable, the dieting to stay physically bold, the will power to abide manipulation, the work ethic from dedication, has developed my manhood, and into a fighting man that I never knew existed.

This is fighting…

This is freedom…

This is happiness…

What’s your happiness?



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