Send me to the wolves!



Why is our generation so motivated to show others that they are motivated? And motivated about absolutely nothing–for the most part. Everyone is always “Killing it! Going hard! Smashing the day!” or ” Murdering my workout!”

Shut up. No one gives a shit about your super-setting, high fiving, pre-workout drinking, tire flipping, paper chasing, attacking the day moment of time, because most of the time, your not getting shit done besides blowing up your own egotistical life to help fluff the emptiness that’s deep inside as your soul is softer than a marshmallow–find me guilty.

What happen to just, doing great, or having an awesome day, or working out because it’s healthy? I had came to realize that it’s not about GOING HARD all the time, this will only lead to self-destruction. We have to figure out a balance in order to sustain a healthy productive mind set. Learning when to turn it on, and when to turn it off–is probably the most confusing attribute to attain yet, the utmost fulfilling. When we learn how to ying-yang our lives, thoughts, and physical movements is when we find a true balance of purity. I understand that it ain’t no walk in park, but sometimes walking in the park is all we need.

With the New Age mind set of continually chasing after success and consistently being smothered with motivational quotes, law-of-attraction theory’s, and bull-shit programs to help you achieve your dreams–we tend to get lost in a light that has been created by others, and lose our original process. Our generation had gotten so caught up in our own hype of competitiveness that we don’t even realize that we are only killing ourselves. The “#MotivationMondays” are the subliminal messages that are being embedded into our society’s brain that we always have to “keep going after it” or we will lose.

But who the hell are we competing against?

Why do we have to consistently go after our goals, when most of the time they had already been in play?

We’ve put all our great ideas into play. We continue to research, Google, and read content over and over again. We keep striving for more to get our goals accomplished. We work-out HARD, and we haven’t slept in seventy-two hours yet we’re wide awake as our eyes are burnt like well-done sunny side up eggs. Our brain is more scrambled  than an three cheese western omelet, but we continue to keep moving towards our goals. And when we don’t get certain things accomplished, we punish ourselves, look down on ourselves, get angry because we didn’t live up to the mirage of expectations the distractions had created in our own minds. We didn’t live up to our ego; and in reality, we never will. Our ego’s are always bigger than ourselves–like a burden.

We’re convinced that we can’t stop until our goals are done…

Convinced that in order to succeed, we need live bigger and better…

Convinced that we are larger than life…

Sometimes we need to stop, relax, and let our world takes it’s course–because your world is a molecule under a microscope compared to the world we live in.

So relax–because no one cares….


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