Sneezing while you urinate, stings….


I feel your pain. During the process of urination, occasionally; we tend to sneeze, it frigging hurts and makes a mess. The elasticity on the diameter of our pee-hole seems to be coated with nerve endings more sensitive than your middle-child syndrome sibling. The over production of urine excretion when sneezing occurs, makes things a bit more painful, and creates an imbalance that our bodies have trouble dealing with. I understand it’s hard to stop peeing in your tracks to let a sneeze go through, but sometimes we have to try our best to focus on one thing at a time in order to progress a bit more smoothly.

This had nothing to do with peeing and sneezing, but I take this example as a perspective in my own life that, when we take on too many things at once–it could hurt us during the process. Learning to keep focus on one aspect of your life at a time, is essential to the production speed. Only if, we keep our focus during the process of what we are seeking to do, is when we receive considerable results.

Our goals, projects, experiences that we strive for–are highly sensitive, just like a pee-hole. If we do too much, our procedure can, and will, get damaged. When we exercise, we do one rep at a time, you don’t see someone doing overhead dumbbell presses and forty-yard dashes simultaneously. When a boxer is fighting, they throw one punch at a time. You don’t see them throwing a right hook and a left upper-cut at the same time. They practice each punch, exercise, and movement, one at a time with extreme focus. Otherwise, the outcome will be painful and lead into something disastrous.

But sometimes…

We can’t help but to try and do everything all at once and accomplish so many tasks in one sitting. But, in the end the outcome is usually not desirable. In our new generation of lifestyle, we all seem to be in such a rush as-if we are competing against one another for a status, apposed for a self-accomplishment. Our atmosphere, has made us into hungry selfish animals chasing after the same piece of meat only because others want it–sometimes that piece of meat doesn’t even exist. We get wrapped up in a facade of outside influential goals,a and had lost focus on what our actual objective was in the first place. We lose our-selves during our process with distractions–STOP.

When your mind is set on one thing–keep it that way. Let everything else pass you by until you have accomplished the first.

Next time your peeing and have to sneeze, do your best to stop the urine in it’s track–or at least pinch it, and let the sneeze go through and take it’s course.

Pee smoother people…


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