Welcome to the JERSEY SHORE! Second home of the nimrods, nitwits, and Benny’s to race down the high-trafficked Parkway South as everyone plays the game of Frogger trying to get over the bridge and start funneling Grandpa’s cough medicine. The form of urgency our state, MTV, and fist-pumping jerk-off (like myself) had created to rush to the wooden trail of teenage wasteland that was built along the Atlantic Ocean is ludicrous. This “land of the free” is where high-school seniors are exposed to the nitty-gritty of the chemically enhanced mindset to manipulate your emotional desires, dry-humping in the act of nudists, creating memories that will most likely not be remembered, and to live beyond your expectations to come home with crazier stories than Dr.Seuss.

How could such a landmark draw this much attention? How could people feel the urge and excitement for this Jersey Shore weekend? How did this area create such an urgency? What does this area offer that others do not?

It’s all about the stories…

Everyone has a story, and is drawn to certain stories which they connect to. Especially, at the Jersey Shore on MDW weekend. Every single person who has experienced this Memorial Day Weekend extravaganza had at least tampered with, six out of seven deadly sins–and if you had not, you probably suck (just kidding but not really). We all love memorial day weekend, the hype always exceeds our expectations, and like I said before, we always come back with a story that draws more attention to this landmark.

So why can’t we do this in our real lives?

Why can’t we create a story to build our place of business?

How come we can’t tell a tale, for our product to sell?

But we can…

All successful businesses, every legendary person, and all popular products–had a story to tell, which is why they are a success. We need to live more, experience as much as we could, and create new memories so we will be able to share stories with one another.

When we tell stories, we connect with others who have the same perspective. Those who connect with your story will automatically be interested in what you have to say, or been through. You gain their trust through this connection, and gaining the trust of another human–is essential, especially for your own personal objective. You will not be able to please everyone–it’s impossible. There will always be someone or a group of people who have apposing views, but that also creates attention. Bad attention, or good attention, either way–it’s attention. We all have a book to write, we all have stories to share–let’s pro-create ourselves with new stories to help enhance our lifestyle.

Have a great MDW, and celebrate in the honor for those who had fought for our country by getting obnoxiously wasted for no apparent reason, and to wake up in more regret than a high-school senior kissing her ex-boyfriends wiener.

P.S. I bet ninety-percent of us forgot what MDW was all about since everyone’s belligerent stories had varnished the true meaning for Memorial Day–my point exactly…


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