We know what to do—sometimes…


There is a Mental vs. Physical battle that goes on in our world, inside and out. We struggle daily to try and figure out, what it exactly is we should be doing, or not doing. To make a decision, is the hardest thing to do in life, and most of us never could make a decision for our-selves.

Waitress, “Soup or Salad?”

Us, “Uhhh…”

Waitress, “Chicken, Beef, or Fish?

Us, “Uhhh……I’ll just have what he’s having!”

Waitress, “You got it!…..nimrod…….”

Many have the knowledge to move forward with an experience we wish to have, but most of us, have the knowledge and are afraid to experience.

on the flip side….

Many of us have the experience to spread our knowledge through the wisdom we have attained, and many of us are adventurous and take risks, but without having the knowledge.

Which both lead to an open ended outcome inside the “What if” filing cabinet…

What if, I knew more before I did?

What if, I did what I knew?

What if, I had the guts to move forward?

What if, I moved forward with more knowledge?

Both components, of knowledge and experience, have an equal amount of weight when in motion to live a particular moment. Personally, I believe, a majority of people “know” what they have to do, but most of the time, never do what they have to–yet–another portion of people, don’t “know” what they have to do, and most of the time, just do it. Do we learn from the experience? Yes. Is it sometimes better to attain a little more knowledge before we take a risk? Absolutely.

Life, as we know it, is much more than just “knowing” we have to take risks—but calculated risks. Before we jump into a swamp, we must make sure it’s clear of crocodiles, or we will get eaten alive. On the other hand, if we continue to fill ourselves up with knowledge, without proceeding into an experience, we are going to drown in our own swamp of thoughts, and the crocodiles will watch you drown on your own.

Too much doing and not enough knowing…

Too much knowing and not enough doing…

Finding the balance between both variables of life, is what will make us have the greatest experience we wished for…

Now you know…

…and knowing is half the battle, G.I. JOOOOEEEE!!!



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