Let us examine the popular Nintendo game, Super Mario, on its perspective of life. (If you are not familiar with this game, then you definitely need to experience much more than you think!) The journey for Super Mario is a great example of how life should be experienced and how the process occurs. Come on, let’s be honest, who
doesn’t want to run around like a maniac, break things with our heads, kill stuff with fire balls, eat mushrooms to
get stronger, collect money, and make out with a princess at the end!?

You see, Mario was a goddamn nobody. He was a simple Italian plumber with nothing to look forward to in life besides cleaning up the over flowing s#@t, unclogging the sewer pipes. But Mario knew there was much more to life than just being a plumber. He knew his inner talents were much more valuable aside from being swift with a plunger. Mario knew he had a calling to become something great and live life in a much bigger way. He just did not have the opportunity yet to become amazing.

All of the sudden, Bowser comes along, casts a spell on the Mushroom Kingdom and kidnaps the Mushroom
King’s daughter, Princess Toadstool. (Her name gives her no justice, she was smoking hot!) As Mario is cleaning the toilets of disgusting excrement inside the Kingdom, he notices that the Kingdom needs help removing a spell and has a princess being held hostage. Mario is quick to realize that this is his chance to do something amazing and experience a journey he believed in. He is confident and ready to step into the unknown, bravely accepting the challenge that life has placed in front of him. This was his calling, his time to shine. Mario knew he was far more than a Ginzo plumber who fixes toilets. He knew was much more than just Mario. Instead, he was SUPER MARIO.
Super Mario’s journey consisted of different stages in each level. In each stage, Mario faced different enemies and had to kill them with different attacks. He ate mushrooms to become bigger and stronger, ate flowers to throw fireballs, collected leaves to fly, played the flute to travel, collected coins to fill his pockets, and through all
of his experiences, he stuck to the main goal of success: To free his loved one, Princess Toadstool, and live happily ever after. Along the way, he faced many enemies who tried to stop him in his quest. These enemies included the Goombas, the Koopa Troopas, the Buzzy Beetles, the Bullet Bills, the Hammer Bros, the Jumping Cheep-Cheeps , and of course, the head honcho, Bowser. Whew! As you can see, there were a lot of battles Mario had to take on between attacking the enemies. Breaking blocks, jumping over bridges, collecting money, and who knows what else. (Talk about doing a lot of cardio!)

Super Mario learned many new lessons throughout his quest such as overcoming innumerous amounts of obstacles, receiving guidance from others, and collecting power ups as he went along. Even when he “died” he still had the choice to continue his quest or start over. Either way, he decided to keep moving forward in his adventure. After all was said and done, Super Mario passed all the obstacles, killed all the enemies, defeated Bowser, and saved (banged) the Princess. He then chose to return back to the Mushroom Kingdom until his next adventure because that is what heroes do. Heroes live for the experience, live for the adventure, and
live to explore new things on the journey….


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