Make Plans with Yourself…


We all love to make plans. Going to parties with friends to have drinks, attending weddings of siblings, book a trip with your loved ones blah, blah, blah…

There comes a time when we forget about ourselves. Our lives had become so custom to the clockwork of attending others, helping others, or the “it makes me happy when I make others happy” time shift, that, we forget to attend to ourselves. The habitual actions of accompanying others, in time, will make us forget who we truly are. We unknowingly become enslaved to the commands of outsiders–just to make them happy…

But what about us? What about ourselves? Where has our time gone? We get our personality warped into a helping hand, when sometimes, we personally need that helping hand. We have to take a small step back, and look in the mirror and ask ourselves—is this reflection of myself—myself?

Sometimes–we need to drop the selfish acts of “helping others makes me happy” attitude, and do something for ourselves. If, and only if, we are not truly happy with ourselves, then helping others for your own personal uplifting emotion—is completely selfish. It’s a drug, an addiction, and a bad drug addiction at that….

2013 – 2014, I spent an entire year to myself, and I have never felt better. I traveled alone, went out to eat alone, exercised alone (except during fight training), I made plans for myself, and with myself only. During that time, I found who I truly am, I became the person I have been searching for my entire life–of course the search never ends because I continue to grow. But, I had found my foundation of purity, and true-self. By that, people, things, opportunity’s came into my life that were only uplifting to my lifestyle, but more importantly uplifting to my emotions.

Today, change your world and do something for yourself….

-Stay tuned “Happy Chasing Happy” coming Summer of 2015….


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