A Catholic Cash Connection

A Catholic Cash Connection

I want to share with you all a dream I personally
witnessed in my life and illustrate how money is truly the
key to unlocking any dream we have.
My parents were born and raised Roman Catholics
from the Philippine Islands. My grandparents were
Catholics, my aunts and uncles are Catholic, my cousins
are Catholic, my brother Pete was a Catholic–so I’m Catholic.
Hopefully you are somewhat understanding just how Catholic my family
was. To my parent’s dismay, Pete and I were not the angelic
children they hoped for and we were considered
what most Catholics might define as “sinners.” We were
constantly in and out of confession and forced to say a
thousand and one “Our Father’s” and “Hail Mary’s” to beg
for forgiveness like a bad bog that just took a sh@t all over
the new white carpet. By the time I was in the third grade,
my brother and I were both kicked out of Confraternity
of Christian Doctrine (CCD) school and the only light at
the end of the tunnel was that both he and I had completed
our communion just like my parents had hoped
for. Again, to my parent’s dismay, we were never able to
complete our eighth grade confirmation because we were
not allowed back in Catholic school. Five years later, we
take a family vacation to the Philippine Islands and my
parents thought it would be a great idea for my brother
and I to complete our Catholic journey and have our confirmations
there. The reasoning behind this decision was
because they wanted to fulfill their dream of raising good
and respectful Catholic children. Now for those that may
not be aware, in order to make your confirmation you
must complete eight years of CCD education; something
my brother and I obviously failed to accomplish. So how
would we be able to make our confirmation? Cha-ching!
You guessed it, money. At the age of 13, dressed in a translucent
uniform and sweating more than a fat kid trying
to tie his sneaker, I witnessed firsthand how my mother
handed the priest a stack of U.S dollars bigger than the
Wall Street Journal to fulfill her dream. After the transaction,
the priest slapped on his neck strap, pasted the
sign of the cross on my forehead with Blistex, and muffled
under his breath a small prayer to shoo away the sparks
of Lucifer inside of me. Now, is this priest truly part of
a prophecy or is he really a profit-seer?

My brother and I were old enough to understand what was taking place
and it was at that specific moment that we learned what
money does. No matter where we want to go, what we
want to achieve, or what the dream consists of, money
will get you there and people will do whatever it takes to
fulfill that dream. I learned that money is the bridge we
must use to fulfill our dream of success. Looks like WWE
superstar The Million Dollar Man was right: “Everybody
has a price.”
The experience of “successfully completing my
confirmation” opened my eyes to a different light and I
developed a “Holier-Than-Thou” attitude. Immediately, I
realized that this Catholic religion system was a joke to us
all, was manipulated by money, and the “heads-in-chair”
were nothing but fugazis. If they could act self-righteous,
give the cold shoulder, and display moral superiority to
those whose beliefs or actions do not follow theirs, then
why should I not do the same? I would steal clothes from
the mall and sell them for a discounted price. I would fill
up small zip-lock bags with oregano, spray some Cool
Water cologne in them, and sell it to kids as the “sweetest
weed” on the block. I would steal car parts and sell them
out of my parent’s garage.

As you can see, I became quite the hustler but I looked at this way:

If the priest could accept“donations” for breaking the rules, why the f%$k couldn’t I do the same?

You see, we need to accept that we
occasionally have to break the “rules” to get what we want.
If we want to live a life with ample freedom, then we must
take action to earn the money to do so. I am not saying
to break the law and put yourselves at risk for ten years
in jail, but do something differently than others and different
than what you are comfortable doing. There will be
people who disagree with your actions and there will be
times when you become unsure if you are doing “the right
thing.” FOGETABOUT IT (Did you mean: forget about
it). That sh@t does not matter. The only thing that matters
is your dream. Whatever or whomever stands in the way
of you accomplishing your dream is not meant to be part
of your journey. Unbelievably, those who tend to disagree
with our actions are the ones who are jealous. Jealous because
we are doing what they only wish they could. To
those people and the Jiminy Cricket in our minds that
tells us what “the right thing” to do is or that we are not
capable of doing something, we have to say, “GO F@$K
YOURSELF!” Why? Because they are the ones who do not
understand that earning enough money is the only way to
achieve the life we dream of having and that is ok because
everyone has different dreams, opinions, and perspectives.
Let others think how they would like just as we will
do the same, except we will not judge others’ preferences.

It’s not all about money–but money does help…


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