Get a grip…


Recently my good friend @markbustos took a trip to the Philippines to continue his movement “Be Awesome To Somebody” The 3rd World culture is an atmosphere most of us (if not all) would never be able to survive. Some don’t eat or shower for days but still smile because they are still breathing to see another day. We (including myself) complain about “things” that this 3rd World culture have never been exposed to. Our society has spoiled us, created a selfish demand of selflessness, and exposed us “things” that are expensive with no self-value. If you can read this, you’ve got it made–get a grip people—be happy with what you have.
Repost @markbustos “What’s your definition of happiness? What’s your definition of a good life? To some people, happiness and a good life is waking up in the morning to another sunrise being grateful they are alive, just to dig through the dump to look for anything they can salvage. Happiness is having just enough food in their stomach to stay alive.. even if it means not eating for days. Happiness is giving away your own meal to a family member that is hungrier than you are. Happiness is getting a free ice cream cone, even if you don’t have shoes on your feet walking through garbage and broken glass. Some of the happiest people I’ve met were living in this dump. Many of these people have never been exposed to the luxuries that we take for granted every single day. The smart phone in our hands to read this caption that we complain about being too slow or doesn’t get signal where it’s most convenient for us… That sure is a luxury.. Everyday, many of us complain about the most ridiculous things… I know I’m guilty of it.. What other things might we complain about?
Together, we can put life into perspective. Please comment and share, we can all make this world a happier place. It starts with you. #BeAwesomeToSomebody


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