Decisons, Decisions…


This was my life altering decision:
In 2001, after repeating senior year, I finally graduated
high school. While I wasn’t sure what I wanted to
do, I knew that several more years of schooling wasn’t my
priority. However, my parents forced me to attend community
college. My father proudly drove me to fill out
the application, as he believed this was the beginning of
a bright future for me. I sluggishly sharpened my No. 2
pencil and slowly began to fill the circle next to “Asian.”
Minutes later, after completing the application with absolute
disgust, fear, and anxiety, I begrudgingly slid it
under the plexiglass window towards the female attendant
who seemingly hated her job. She then proceeded
to muffle through the intercom “That’ll be fifty-five dollars.
Cash, check, or credit?” She snapped her bubble gum
multiple times. I slowly handed her my check filled out
in the blood from my fingertips and watched her take my
soul with nine-inch nails that were more decorated than
a Christmas tree.

A month later, I received a notification letter with
the return address “666 Lucifer Blvd.” My final payment
with the devil was scheduled on Monday November 4th
at 8:30 a.m., the date of my placement exam. With overwhelming
joy and a smile stretching ear to ear, my mother
proudly took the letter and hung it on the refrigerator for
all to see. To celebrate this proud “decision” of my attending
college, my parents promised me (in their best Bob
Barker voice) a BRAND NEW CAR!
That fateful Monday morning, November 4th, finally
arrived. I tensely walked into the classroom with eyes
wider than a porcelain doll and looked at the “teacher”
tasked with officiating the test. At 8:30 a.m. sharp I began
filling out the top portion of the test. My body was
in complete discomfort and my nerves trembled enough
to sound off the car alarms in the parking lot. Just after
writing in my name, I stared at the drop ceiling and found
myself enveloped in a daydream about what life would be
like if I went through this experience. I saw myself constantly
taking tests, studying pointless information, and
sharing unoriginal ideas with other students. All I could
visualize was a life that was being created, controlled, and
manipulated by someone else. I snapped out of this Freddy
Krueger-esque nightmare only to realize I was sweating
and panting like a fat kid in gym class. I immediately
stood up, authoritatively stomped to the front of the
room and handed in my test to the Bride of Chucky (the
teacher). She immediately asked me, “Are you sure you
are finished?” I confidently responded, “Yes. I am sure.”
As this woman stared at the blank test sheets in front of
her, she peered back at me and replied, “You know this is
your future, right?” With a confident smile (and a giggle)
I responded, “Naaahh, this is your future!” I pointed my
finger around the classroom and at her face. The entire
classroom erupted in laughter, cheered, and applauded
as I exited the room (at least that is how I remember it.)
Monday, November 4th at 8:33 a.m. I made the intuitive,
fearless, confident, and positive decision that changed my
life for the better and forever. I chose to create my own

So what is your dream? What is holding you back
from living an extraordinary life? What is keeping that
amazing person locked inside? What is it after all, that
you really want?


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