What’s your moment?


We all have had the worst of times, but also the best. We’ve all had long grueling moments of self-defeat, but also had moments of self-improvement. We all know the feeling that forces our head to nod downward and stare into hell, but also know the feeling to walk tall and stare into the heavens. We are ALL familiar with the feelings and moments of excitement, fear, desire, doubt, confidence, neglect, acceptance, sadness, laughter, apathy, and happiness…

In one lifetime or another, we will encounter certain moments in life that we will forever live with, as well as the next life. It’s the moment of feelings that drive us in life, we live every moment to feel a certain emotion. To feel the excitement of becoming a better person than we were the day before, or to feel the fear of doubt to set us backwards. To move freely with confidence, or to self neglect. To laugh in happiness, or to pity in sorrow. Either way, we choose to feel for the moment—what do you live for?

Personally, I’ve had numerous of set backs in life (and I’m sure we ALL have)—but that’s what made me stronger. I’ve done my “fair share” of alcohol, drugs, and living life in the swamps of bottom feeders, but I slowly swam out—I knew I was more valuable. I became aware of what feeling kept me alive, apposed to death. But we are ALL valuable, we are all worth more than we beleive. We are all a valuable asset to this Universe. What moment do you live for? What feeling are you chasing? What is it that you truly live for? Win, lose, succeed, or fail—always live for the moments you love. Do more of that, and your self-value will be priceless….



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