Pain is temporary but, only if we make it out to be…


Life, as we know it, never goes as planned—for the most part. We try so hard to adjust with the winds but the sail continues to direct us into failure. We ask ourselves, “WHY ME?” “I DON’T GET IT!” or “HOW COME THIS HAPPENS?!” We often feel like the “victim” of a role playing story, well guess what—We are not victims. Things happen in our lives because that’s what our world had planned. Scenarios take place because thats what we have attracted into our lives through past, present, and future mind sets and actions. None of this, is an accident…

But, we have the power to either stay the “victim” or accept our past and continue to move forward. This is where determination kicks in. This is where heart takes place. This is where we have to take a stand within our souls and say , “GET UP.” We all have pain, misery, and fears—in one way or another. Everybody’s pain is different but always remember–it could be worse. Always remember this time of “pain” will pass as long as we stay active, not stagnant…

Appreciate what you have, who is in your life, and most of all—who you are. Accept the past failures, mishaps, and people who did you “wrong”. Adjust your mind and body to take a new outlook, approach, and living of life. Finally, adapt to your atmosphere and new form of living that you chose to have. At the end of the day, the choice is ours, we could play the victim card or—keep moving forward. Today, lets make a choice for ourselves….


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