Be Your Own Hero…


This is the hero’s journey and in one way or another, we are all heroes . To be the hero in our adventure we must accept the challenge to become greater than we think we are . We must continue to move forward with each experience so we can progress with the goals we have set within our hearts . We must live each experience with confidence, happiness, and enjoy each moment . The hero’s journey is the utmost exciting experience we will ever encounter . During the hero’s journey, the concept is all the same . From Super Mario to Luke Skywalker, Bo Jackson to Michael Jordan, and Wolverine to Superman, the end goal is always the same and can be seen in three different ways .
■ Separation—We are first in a place of comfort but when reality sinks in, we choose to leave and courageously step into the unknown. ■ Initiation—Often, we are placed into a different spectrum to experience a particular voyage we have never witnessed . ■ Return—We come back from our quest (if we did not literally die) and share our wisdom of our triumph—and we await the next.  That’s what hero’s do, we live for the journey, and regardless of the outcome—we do it again… #10stackstosuccess #success #knowledge #wisdom #inspiration #motivation #hero


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