It’s not about a fresh start but for a new ending…

blog1Before the world/yourself labeled you, WHO WERE YOU? Maybe just a child–something beyond the scope of our imagination. Most likely-we have no idea. “Forgive them for they know not what they do, BECAUSE they not know WHO THEY ARE!” Jesus Christ–

Forgive the old you, for the corrupted system brainwashed our population with fear, conformity, and lies. It’s not your fault for getting sucked into the negative vortex our world has created but our fault for being naive. Now, it’s our decision to accept the facts and flaws we have drawn upon ourselves—we must move on. This instant allow the “new you” to absorb; new, positive, and life changing habits because it is our human nature to grow. So, let’s all begin to create a new form of ourselves to acheive the personal growth we ALL deserve in the end…


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