“10 Stacks To Success” Book Signing Dedicated to Dante Pastrana…

Today, the world put a great soul to rest. Dante showed strength during weak times, willingness during doubtful moments, and happiness when times were rough. He was a true inspiration to me, and everyone around him by showing the world that no matter what circumstances you’re under, there’s always time to smile, laugh, and live in pure bliss. Thank you for leaving behind a powerful message to me, your family, and the world…

Thursday, November 20th I will be having a book signing for my upcoming book “10 Stacks To Success” On this date, ALL proceeds will be donated to Dante Pastrana’s services. Rest in peace my brother…

Book signing event will be held at MichaelJays Barbering Co. located on 386 Franklin Ave. Nutley NJ…

True wealth is not about making a dollar, it’s about making a difference…





One Response to ““10 Stacks To Success” Book Signing Dedicated to Dante Pastrana…”

  1. Kiera Foster Says:

    Reading this story is also an inspiration to me. Dante was my fiance and we loved each other unconditionally. I can definetly speak for Dante by saying that he felt like Jay Isip was his angel! Dante did smile every day even with what he was going through day by day with his suffering and thanking for God seeing the light every morning when he would wake up. Thank you so much Jay Isip for being that angel and exactly doing what was good with money! I know now than ever before to live life and being positive in every situation.


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