A Nightmare on Front Street – Jay Isip

A Nightmare on Front Street

            Have you ever had a dream where you got into a fistfight, but your punch was as strong as a wet napkin? Have you ever had a dream where you were being chased, but it felt as if your feet were stuck in quicksand? Have you ever had a dream where you were falling from high above and instantaneously woke up in heavy pant like a fat kid in dodgeball? Yes, those dreams where, at every situation, we feel completely paralyzed, helpless, and all we could do is fear and try to run away from the nightmare. Those dreams that felt so real where upon awakening, you questioned for 17 seconds if the dream actually took place. You then come to the realization that it was only a dream and you are safe and sound. Are you really safe though? Do you really feel secure because you are back to the “norm”? On the contrary, this is just another act of running away from your fears, playing it safe, and staying in your comfort zone. The truth is, the nightmares we “experience” are actually simulations of the situation we fear the most. The situation we cannot seem to defeat so we decide it is easier to bail like a cockroach in the light. The situation that makes us fall back into monotony. What is that situation? The fear of facing yourself.


            We must realize that there is no such thing as an “illusion” (unless you are tripping on acid) until we decide it is. There is no such thing as “it’s only a dream” until we decide it is. There is no such thing as a “reality” until we decide it is! We must realize and understand that these are only words that describe a specific thought, feeling, or thing that actually manifests into the physical world. There is always a choice for everything we must do, come across, or even think about. It is up to us to decide in which direction we wish to go. The majority of us often like to make excuses of why they cannot do a certain something. “I can’t because I’m not made for that…”, “I can’t because it’s raining out…”, “I can’t because I’m not ready.” You can’t because YOU ARE A PANSY! Yes, you are a pansy and you are chickening out. It does not matter how you finish the sentence because the cause and excuse of it all is you. You are what is standing in your way. The minute we state the words, “ I can’t”, we have subconsciously already made our decision. The sad part of it is: We have no idea we are actually killing ourselves. We have absolutely no idea of how scared we truly are to reach our higher limits or that we are living our nightmares even when we are wake. In addition, we are just not aware of how our body works. So how do we compensate? We accept. We accept and try not to look back. Wrong. We need to become aware of it all. How do we become aware? How do we realize the things we subconsciously do? Like so:

Try to understand that the brain does not know the difference between a thought, dream, and physical reality. Why else would we wake up in frenzy and question if the dream we just experienced was actually real? All that the brain pictures, visualizes, or imagines is what our brain develops and moves forward into a feeling that will then activate our emotion. Once the emotion sensory is activated through our physical body, we then become conscious of the thought. Do we accept, decline, or ignore the thought? Most of our subconscious thoughts, dreams, and actions are the real reasons why we are being held back from accomplishing the things we wish to do. So, in order to become aware of it all, we have to accept the powerful process of our brain. Accept and understand that a single thought can change our entire subconscious world as well as the physical world. Everything begins with a thought, so, are you willing to start thinking? The world is in the palm of your hands, can you make the difference?


Let’s begin to defeat ourselves by becoming aware of our daily process. When we wake up, are we starting our day with positive or negative thoughts? When we hop in the shower, are we dwelling on the past or visualizing the future? When we get inside our cars, are we even thinking at all or are we zombies to our subconscious? In order to understand how our mind works, we have to transform our thoughts in each segment of our lives. With each step we take, we must unify our thoughts with the proper physical actions. With each physical action, we must unify the actions with the proper attitude of affirmation, happiness, and love. It is these attributes that wil help us manifest the world we previously dreamt of. It is time to detach yourself from your attachments and learn to love yourself and the universe. Trust yourself and believe in the world you live in. Begin each day by thinking of what makes you smile. Choose to defeat yourself by using positivity and retreating from negativity. Choose to beat yourself today with happiness and your “nightmares” will cease to exist… until the next one appears.

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