Reconstruct the Foundation for a New You….

Could we hand anyone a pair of scissors and expect to receive a professional and great haircut? Could we hand anyone a wrench and expect them to fix a car? Could we throw someone in a surgery room and expect them to perform a heart transplant? The answer is no. Why? Because not everyone has the proper foundation or basics needed to perform the task.

foundation Reconstruct the Foundation for a New You….

If we want to self-improve, do we honestly think we will achieve our goal if we do not change our actions? Can we truly expect to receive new reactions if we continue with the same actions as before; how did they work out for us before? In order to create self-improvement, we need to start from scratch and build a new us. Building a new form of thinking, a new perspective, a new set of actions, and a new way of life in general will be the only way we can truly achieve our personal success. Let’s go back to the basics and build upon them. Think about the simple lessons and tasks you learned as kid and ask yourself if you are still applying them today and if so, what is it teaching you and how is it bettering your life? For example, is making your bed really a waste of time? “Well I’m the only one who sleeps on it so what does it matter if I make it or not?” While yes that sounds reasonable, but there is more than that. Making your bed, as silly as a task as it may sound, is not just an accomplished task, but it is a tool that sets off organization. By making our bed, we have jump-started our positive day with an accomplished task and give our body the motivation to want to accomplish more tasks throughout the day. By making our bed, we have provided our lives with a little more organization where we will begin to visually appreciate how well things look when they are organized; is it not a better feeling to get home to a well-made bed and not one with the Snickers wrappers and socks laying between the sheets? How about saying please and thank you and being polite to everyone around you, regardless if you receive politeness back. A small please and thank you and a smile can go a long way because it could open up the door to achieving what you seek. You never know, your smile and polite attitude could also brighten someone’s day and start a domino effect of positivity.


While accomplishing tasks, creating organization, changing our mindset and attitude are all internal changes, we must also keep in mind that we need a physical exterior to match. We cannot expect to be successful if our body does not have the proper fuel to fulfill the energy we need. Now while I also happen to enjoy the casual, once in a blue moon double cheeseburger with all the trimmings with large fries from a drive-thru, will that meal really keep our bodies healthy if we eat it three times a week? Probably not. I am not saying to go out and become a vegetarian and eat like a bunny, but try to incorporate some healthy meals into your routine so your body can produce the energy you need. Try waking up a little earlier to make your lunch for work or trading in that greasy, bacon, egg, and cheese for a cup of fresh fruit. Eating healthy also requires one to get into good physical shape as well. I am not saying to go out and become a body-builder but if you become tired, breathe a little heavy, and need a little time-out just from carrying groceries from out of the car, then that is your body telling you that you need to work out a little. Go for a walk, take yoga, go for a swim, or even do 10 pushups every morning, just do something to get your body feeling better. Eventually, you will realize just how much energy you will have and how much better you will feel with a few small changes to your diet.

Foundation is key to our success. If we reconstruct our mind and body, we can become unstoppable. Food for thought (da dum ching!)

Jay Isip #10stackstosuccess


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