How to Become Amazing…

Based on True Events:


Person: Hey Jay!! You going to that huge “Rave” this weekend? DJ Aoki is spinning!

Me: Naaa man, I have things to get done tomorrow early and want a good night sleep. I have to go running, train, and finish some new projects for my business…

Person: Seriously?! You need to loosen up and live a little once in a while!! Come have a drink with me at least…

Me: No thank you… And I am living by the way and i feel like my life is amazing but, we could hang out another time…

Person: Jeez Jay, you’re an asshole; everyone’s going to be there. It’s gonna be sick!

Me: Naaa, I ain’t going….

Person: Dam YOU SUCK! You never like to have fun!

Me: Ok sure pal… Have FUN at your J.O.B. on Monday. I’ll be on the beach…


The fun nights out at the bar with all your “friends”. The fun family parties where everyone enjoys food, drinks, and dancing. The fun trips to Cancun everyone plans during spring break. The fun bachelor parties to Vegas. The celebrations of newlyweds. The girlfriend that loves to spend time with you. The 3am Disco Fries at the Diner or late night Dollar Menu runs at McDonalds. The soothing warmth of Vodka sliding down your throat like a waterfall in the dessert. The relaxing inhale of “Mary Jane” fumes venting through your lungs like central air in the summer. To become amazing, the “fun” times are gone…

Oh all the fun you will miss, to touch the amazing things you can reach…


“Entrepreneurism: To live some of your life how most people won’t. So you could live the rest of your life how most people can’t…”

This concept is easy for people to grasp, yet they seem to never understand. In order to be amazing, do amazing things, or have an amazing moment; we must sacrifice the “fun”. The “fun” times are only temporary and usually not productive moments. The “fun” times that are memorable, are usually not remembered. The “fun” times that we have with others, are not usually for ourselves. The “fun” times we sedate ourselves are usually times we have no recollection of. The “fun” times at outings where the place is packed, are usually times that have no impact. The fun times are only fun, and not amazing.

If we wish to be amazing we have to learn to say NO to almost everything, anyone, and yourself. The temptation of living in gluttony is a place we could get easily sucked into. The life of gluttony as I like to call it, “The Black Hole” is the most dangerous lifestyle of all. 99.9% of the world lives in glutton and they have zero idea. Zero idea because it’s what “everyone else” is doing. Just because others live their life in a certain way, people see that life style as acceptable. So they follow, and so on and so forth. The domino effect ripples through our souls like a sound wave and travels at light speed. And before our very own eyes, we are staring into still ceiling fan but yet, the room spinning faster than The Gravitron (carnival ride). We have no idea how we got here, no recollection of what has occurred, and more lost than a dog in the cemetery trying to dig up his bone. We finally come back to our “senses” and all we seek is the next time we’re going to have “fun”. And that’s all we work towards. Everything we do in life is geared towards the “fun” times we wish to relive. We’re chasing the Dragon, but since “everyone” is doing it, it’s OK. We have all become robots, zombies, and brainwashed to the lifestyle the world had put in our faces. But remember its OK to live aimlessly, in monotony, and in gluttony. Also remember, we don’t have to be everyone else. We could be ourselves. We could be amazing… OK?

To become ourselves we have to live life within ourselves. F#$k you cousins birthday party, I’m sure there will be more. F#$K DJ Aoki, his music sucks anyway, and so do his fans. F#$K your girlfriends, best friends, 3rd cousins engagement party, that’s a waste of fucking time. “But you have to go! She’s my friend!” Exactly, your friend, not mine. F$%K your childhood acquaintance that just died and everyone is going to “show their respects”. The Mother F$%&ER is dead for crying out loud, no one gives a sh!t if you go or not. The persons dead, and now you want to show your respect? Get the f#$k outta here! I’m pretty sure the person in the casket will understand if you don’t attend. (Okay, enough ranting before I smash my laptop =) ) You catch my drift? There are many things in life that we are so used to attending because “it’s the right thing to do” guilt trip is placed. I’m sure there are tons of things that we wish not to attend, but never have the balls to say no. All in all, if you feel like you should, then you shouldn’t


When you have that feeling of doing something for someone else, sometimes we have to say no. We have to stay focused on what WE WANT to do in our lives. What is important to our lives, what we feel like doing, and more importantly the things we do in order to enhance ourselves. Time is precious, we have to find ourselves and spend time wisely with ourselves. When time spent alone in the dark, in the light, in the mist; that is when we truly find ourselves, our needs, our wants, and most importantly our purpose. The times we spend alone in our thoughts with no distractions is when we find our purpose to succeed. And in order to peruse with our purpose to succeed, we must sacrifice. Sacrifice extended time to become amazing…

When we seek our personal success we have to understand that we will be sacrificing a huge part of our lives, and others that are involved. You will lose friends, girlfriends/boyfriends, family members, and connections with the outside world. But the further you disconnect from the planet, you become more connected with yourself. The people, things, and moments that stick around during the process and there to support you through thick and thin, are included with “yourself”. When you find your true-self being, you find your true friends, family, and placements in your life. They are the ones who understand that you have to sacrifice certain parts of your life in order to reach your personal success. These are the amazing people you need to be surrounding by…

This task ain’t no walk in the park people. It’s takes a ton of will power and determination to find yourself, achieve the success you seek, and to become amazing…


So today let’s be ourselves by telling people to go F#$K themselves. Now that’s amazing!

Jay Isip #10stackstosuccess


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