Are You Aware of Your Surroundings?

Are You Aware of Your Surroundings? 

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If we were to plant a flower in the middle of an abandoned, dirt-filled field, infested with possums, do you think that flower would grow? Do you think it could grow into that glorious, beautifully smelling flower it could be? Probably not. Why? Because it is not in the proper surroundings (or the rodents would eat the grow).


10 Stacks To Success Amazon 

If we want to become all that we can be, we need to be willing to grow and to be willing to grow, we need to be in a growing environment. A growing environment that will feed our mental and physical being. A growing environment that will surround us with positive vibrations. This growing environment is the environment only we can create because we hold the power to grow. We cannot surround ourselves with Negative Nancy’s and have dinner with a group of Complainsaurus (people who do nothing but complain) because that will just be feeding our bodies (literally) with bad energy. Why should you have to sit there with someone who you know will do nothing except complain about how they “just can’t catch a break” or wish something could “go their way”.YOU DON’T! Whether it is family, friends, co-workers, teammates etc., you need to set yourself apart from those that will bring down your positive way of thinking. Yes, everyone is entitled to a bad day, but it is not excusable to have 366 bad days (don’t forget leap year, ha!).

Think about the people who make you want to roll your eyes, give your body a shudder, or make your head more scrambled than a three-cheese omelet as soon as their name is said – those are the people you need to isolate yourself from. Again, friends, co-workers, teammates, neighbors, or even worse, family, are among all the different surroundings where the people who don’t grow can live. Not growing being defined as those who do not have the willingness to better themselves, those who are “stuck in neutral”, those who do not see the benefit of going that extra mile or those who are just ok with being ok.

While we may stop growing physically, we do not stop growing internally. Inside of us there lies an abundance of greatness that sometimes is trapped because it doesn’t have the appropriate and adequate surroundings needed to be unleashed. So don’t surround yourself with bottom feeding rodents =)

Jay Isip 10 Stacks To Success Amazon



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