Interlocked beams burning directly into your iris,
high risk conversation face to face inside your eye lids,
virus swarming words circulate around your blindness,
the finest verbal actions slowly burning with your kindness.
Behind this is your Highness, blood boils and hearts throbbing,
robbing you of the truth which spoil heart bonding’s.
Coiling into mass of red ions in savage, lions cant handle the passage
of thick oils condensed with blood clots of negative masses.
Disrupt the sound as the vocabulary breaks it’s barrier,
I’d marry her only if she let’s me Bloody Mary her…
I sharpen my knuckles for smooth sailing to the organs,
the Brain Wellington is served with a side of endorphins,
morphing is present tense, inside is out like an abortion.
Practicing Extortion to keep reflections on your teeth,
beneath the enamel are carnivores sharper than reefs.
Your beliefs are well excepted don’t fuck with underneath,
underneath brings havoc destruction is what you’ll seek.
Go ahead and get brave, I dare you to take a peek…..


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