How did I Get Here???


How Did I Get Here???

Your visions are unsatisfied with the present visuals
individually separate exterior designs from residuals,
initially resigned from the past to create a future presents
super nova brain waves implode the present sentence,
incentive oriented goals for motivation with the laziness
intensive mind blowing outcomes create haziness,
Who’s place is this? Casino carpet, drool, and nicotine
damaged spleen from disposition producing bacterial histamine
misdemeanor actions with reactions that are meaner
cleaner thoughts while memory stays in vacant theaters.
Are things really clearer? “Back to your brain, cause your brain is your home”
alone in pure confusion while your mind has cloned
everything envisioned mistaken for happiness…OWNED.
2 Thrones and 1 cup to the top filled with heart drippings
2 Drones and 1 stuck to the top filled with smart thinking.
Drinkable excitement, taste buds ignited towards the enlightenment
unable for attachment presently attached to be frightened.
I have everything I want? Jewelry,pussy,dope clothes,and close friends
the end results of happiness that really have no ends, and pretends
to be a circle of trust that just runs in circles of busts with stitched bends.
Where are you now? In a spinning room with ceiling fan in place
awakened by whirlwinds of smiling negativity exposed by her face.
surrounded by enjoyment when there is nothing meant for joy
toys are juggled by the man with 2 brains and 1 face of a boy….

Jay Isip


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