Erased Sober…

Prison to the horizon, verizon fios
remote control has sold in to the memory of bios.
On the couch clicking away to a sickening,
flickering through channels that has you figiting.
Alone in your light with combinations to a fight,
but the numbers are stuck alphabetically in your site.
Liquid enhanced that makes you want to dance,
prance around in Timbs with Speedos you call pants.
Eyelids are flipped as your brain took a dip,
a sip is all it took as your stomach says legit.
Parched for aqua but the brain can not follow
cotton mouthed to the fullest with memories of self sorrow.
No water is in prison with your undecided decision,
for the mind to take over or the placebo to make a vision.
Eyes closed your possessed, eyes open your at rest,
you’re the best at what you do even when you are a mess.
45% is what you inquire, running down your throat like fire,
chemically inspired,compulsive liar to yourself as you get higher.
Accepting the burn down your neck and your spinal,
arrival of the demon that makes your soul go spiral.
You care the less of others and most importantly yourself,
the evil elf is present with your neck around a belt.
Veins bulging through the forehead, bluer than a Smurf,
cursing at the mirror with broken glass cutting your turf.
Suicide is nothing compared to what you have in store,
allure in burning liquid falsely convinced that’s the cure.
The core is in strength but alcohol is in length,
longevity the brain requires but the ions are spent.
Clueless of your world but your world is the coolest
walk a block with my feet but remember you are shoeless,
Your thoughts are intact but in-fact they are ruthless.
When you kick with bad habit bad intentions are rapid,
assassins are in place to take your soul with the has beens.
The demons take over your lucky four leaf clover
its over now bastard your memory erased sober……

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