Many Live. Many Dream. Only Few Live the Dream….

Awaken from the dream where unreality cannot be granted,
mistaken from the the seeds of visions that cannot be planted.
Clockwork ticks latching on the arm that counts minutes,
life style monotonous as you settle down with it.
You live and live life the way you’re “supposed to”
dream and dream on about life that’s apposed to.
Walking in shoes previously purchased for dress code,
running in shoes pictured perfect but perfectly let go.
Set flow of actions as your head pilot is set auto,
trained and programmed living life with no also.
Visuals attack your stomach falsely living in rotation,
dream a little dream seeking your motivation.
Motivation is within the heart just poke with a dart,
bleeding end results tasting the blood as a spark.
Get out of the clockwork to achieve and redeem,
before and after not to seek, seek actions in between.
Awaken from the live, dreaming is now the living,
passion being chased weather catching or giving.
Thoughts of reality, reality are now thoughts,
overcome whats accomplished aggressive at all costs.
Dream big and live bigger from 6 to 10 figures,
make thoughts an action is all it takes, go figure.
Easier said than done but when done life is easy,
Hurt some and Love some, Regrets are for the weaklings.
Blood,sweat,and tears create the steam that you bleed,
Many dream. Many live. Only few Live the Dream….


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