Our World and the One Around us….

Eyes are so focused on the next day ahead
Thoughts for the future as we lay in our bed.
We gain and gain more achieving the goal sought
success after success achieving more than we thought.
Happiness ahead and shooting for the stars,
nothing can stop you now strutting in full charge.
Spinning the world on your index with rotation at your pace
time is on your side at high speed but no chase.
Driving on the road you built with strategy and tactics
miraculous events in your vision and some may have passed us.
So focused about the future forgetting about the past,
forgetting you must plant a seed in soil before it grows grass.
Achieving happiness with success as the world is now yours
touch selfishness and greed but don’t make it your chore.
We get caught up in future can’t walk or stand still
always on the move with no sleep and run hills.
We speed towards our goals that the future may pass
gas tank is empty for our soul but in life we kick ass.
Happiness and beauty awaits you and awaits all
sometimes we rush through summer,spring,winter,then FALL.
Beauty is in front of us all sometimes your eyes can’t see
take a stop in your tracks and you’ll see colors in a leaf.
Patients is key as we forget the world around our own
relax and sit back we can see the world from our throne.
We achieved and received our eyes on success with clear view
so focused so determined we forgot to check the rear view…

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