Possession Exception…

Possession Exception…

Your pupils dilated starring into a unrecognized reflection,
teeth are sharp eyes are red, this reflection is accepted.
Drooling with hunger foam dripping down your face,
wanting to bite down on the present emotional state.
Worms in the blood crawling through your veins,
slowly puncturing your skin enjoying this pain.
Fierceful anger and depression breaks your humanity,
insanity thoughts accomplished tearing your sanity.
You’ve became whats inside, evil thought have arrived,
surprising the world outside with your morals put aside.
Unleashing the violence putting good thoughts to silence,
reliance to willingly give the demon inside your compliance.
Your soul has vaporized into the heat of sinful fumes,
ruthlessness has bloomed with flaming two fists of doom,
furiously swinging the fire as the devil is engraving your tomb,
he assumes the death upon yourself, as savageness resumes.
Ferocious smiles wanting slide the razor along the blue lines,
two minds try to speak,this time only one mind is attached to your spine.
Before your soul is taken the voice demands souls of others,
prepared and sharpened your nails to puncture other jugulars.
Out for vengeance seeking blood that will not save you,
unknowingly walking backwards in the path God has gave you….

-Jay Isip


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