Unconscious Battle of the Conscience.


Unconscious Battle of the Conscience.

Awake amongst the sleep pursuing your dreams in reality,
vitality full form, flesh, and blood. Grip tighter on mentality,
moralities breathed in as the brain contemplates normality,
mortality exhaled as the brain executes previous fatalities.
A new man walking hoping the conscience don’t take over,
October had arrived and recognizes the beauty of being sober.
Inhaling fresh winds expanding the lungs filling with oxygen,
worries of repeating failure pass within wishing for a stop to this.
Looks into the sky absorbing shooting rays of beautiful sun,
looks inside the mind absorbing shooting strays of ruthless guns.
Stunned from thoughts believing you were way over this,
thoughts building attack mode as if a super nova hits.
So strong and so bold no way the Brain can strangle you,
evil thoughts leak down your face attempting to mangle you.
Over the sink splashing water on your face to clear the mess,
stare into the mirror seeing thoughts have leaked to your chest.
Burning your skin like acid trying to reverse the painful thoughts,
battle of your conscience with damaging hits to see who’s the boss.
Rowdy fight out of control slipping off the palms and hands,
Brain claimed his domain holding you hostage with demands.
“I want the walls to close in, as you sink inside quicksand,
blinking at rapid speed, room spinning faster than ceiling fans.”
Heart’s throbbing rapidly, passing out in your own sweat.
Back to reality awaking from the dream thinking it was death.
Awake another day as your conscience put you unconscious.
Mentality was bold and fatalities would end you promised.
Anxiety attacks will pursue no matter what is within you
fight never ends as long as the conscience battle continues.

-Jay Isip-


2 Responses to “Unconscious Battle of the Conscience.”

  1. Want to cuddle dick?


  2. Fuck yeah!!! I love it


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