Flammable Subtances.

Flammable Substances.


The butterflies reverse to caterpillars swarming your stomach,
excruciating pain crawls through your intestines wanting to submit.
Committed relations were granted,with only one ready to commit,
admit the lies, covered in flammable substances that slowly emit.
Vapors recognized by your eyes in red fumes of hesitation,
her eyes gazed with tears of confusion awaiting the presentation.
Blames in her direction for excuses of the actions that occurred,
she doesn’t deserve a person, hands down will be there for her.
Needing to find her love inside, as your heartbeat is unwanted,
the pulse you have offered is the beat her mind has haunted.
Field of red roses as thorns are cutting heals of the feet,
bleeding bleeds slower than sand clocks as your body depletes.
Eye to eye, tears slither down cheeks, & hanging off chins to fall,
maul each other verbally as one eye closes is not eye to eye at all.
Eyelids hover your sight as the sun light creates an image beneath,
thoughts be come visions, her beautiful face seems to repeat & repeat.
Depart from the soul you have mated, the mated soul already departed,
mystery on this misery that started while leaving each other cold hearted.
Questions attack your brain with visuals that will rack the pain,
and stains your memory with false thoughts that leaves you drained.
Is there anything left inside?
Or did the inside take everything that’s left?
Is this the way we decide?
Or did we decide on what is best?
Is this decision a surprise?
Or is there going to be a surprise in the next?
These questions have no reply,
which leaves your throat tight in the neck.
The real question is rhetorical. What else did you expect?

-Jay Isip


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