Lowdown Showdown

The year was 1996, a  normal summer day has begun for all students. Some swimming, playing bounce pitch, kickball, or just plain old hanging out. As for Dominick Imperial and Bhavin Amin, PREPERATION! Preperation for war. These two warriors are getting ready to battle it out to settle a current conflict between these 2 juggernauts involving a young lady disagreement, and a group instigation. The young lady was no longer the focus yet not even a spectator.This mono e mono event was based on respect, respect of Bell street!

The Spectators hike towards #5 school playground where “The Lowdown Showndown” is taking place. Half of Bell street with Bhavin, and the other half of Bell street with Dominick. As they enter the battle field the crowd surrounds as the 2 stare each other down from a distance standing bold with their hands to the side, as if we were in the wild wild west.”And they’re off!” Bhavin sprinting towards Dominic “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” Bhavin screams. Dominick running from the other end “YYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” he cries.
Both running at each other with more terminal velocity than a 747 Jet engine. “POW!” They collide creating an explosion that triggered most car alarms and blinded many like they just stared into a solar eclipse. Everyone regains contiosnuss and the battle continues.

Bhavin (the southpaw) throws a hard left connecting to Domincks jaw. Dominick throws a jab and a fierce right cross, connecting with a 2  piece combo that sends Bhavin to the ground. Dominck mounts Bhavin as the continue to slug each other on the ground with some mediocre grappling skills.The crowd is pleased. As they continue wrestling on the ground both seem exuasted breathing heavily with their faces beat red like a fat kid that just got done tying his sneaker. Bhavin dripping sweat like a faucet, and so many veins popping out of Dominicks forehead it created an illusion of a crystal static ball as seen in Spencers.

Bhavins friends were so upset that Dominick was going to town on Bhavins face “one” of them decided to push Dominick off with Bhavin gaining the advantage to be on top. Dominick is on the ground  screaming  “YAA WHAT THE FUCK?!” As the diversion is created Bhavin strikes his oppenent so hard one of the veins bulging out of Dominicks head exploded, making it seem as if a mini volcoano has erupted.

The fight is broken up. Both contenders seem to have had enough. Bhavins hand is raised in the end with the crownd chanting “Boobo! Bobbo! Bobbo! Bobbo!” With Bhavin awarded the victory, Dominick is unpleased with the outcome and the interference of the spectators. With Domincks protest to the judges they agree to sign a contract for a rematch. The controversial win goes to Bhavin. TO BE CONTINUED…


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