A Day in the Life of Mike Killian-Killian


A Day in the Life of Mike Killian going Out-Out.
(NOTE:If you do not know this person this story will not appeal to you.)

As he awakens at approximately 12:12 pm, Mike has a huge hangover from drinking to many Seven & Seven. He twists open an Advil bottle and swallows 2 pills while washing it down with some co co(cocoa). He needs to eat something so he warms up his left overs of Mahi-Mahi. He was so drunk last night he has no recollection of the events and has a giant boo boo on his forehead.

Mike Killian has work today so he gets in his car and adjust his Tom Tom. Apparently the device can does not pick up the signal. He decides to take the Choo Choo train and first stop is 33rd street in New York New York. He takes the wrong train and ends up down the shore in front of a WaWA. The next train does not come until 10:10. So he puts his iPod on and listens to Duran Duran. Walks into WaWA and purchases a Yo-Yo to play with.
Out of no where his phone goes off… “RING RING”… It’s his best friend Muhammad MuhammadMuhammad Muhammad says “Hey Mike! You don’t remember what happen last night? We went Out Out and drove to A.C. We took the wrong exit and got off exit 22, ended up at some GO-GO bar where the stripper was dancing to Tonight Tonight. I asked her how she could lift her leg so high and she said “I use to be a Can Can girl.” Mike Says,” MY MY!” So what else happened?” Muhammad Muhammad said,” Well after the GO-GO went made our way to 40/40. That place was lame so we went to Mur-Mur. We had to leave cause you were so drunk you wet yourself  and made out with Jay Jay from high school!” Killian says,”I WENT PEE PEE!?!?! HEEE HEEE!!!” Muhammad Muhammad says,”Yeah man!Then I had to lend you my younger sisters Tu Tu and you started doing cart wheels like Bam Bam Bilgelow!
As Mike Killian finally gets home to his daughter, he was watching his night time news show 20/20 while eating Bon Bons. It was boring so he decides to play Dance Dance revolution with his daughter.They were playing so intense he finds that his daughter went Poo Poo in her diaper. Before cleaning her off, he take off his Bling Bling cause he does not want to get Do Do on it. While cleaning her off with Johnson & Johnsons that is the first time he realizes his daughter does not have a We We.


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