Dr.Community by Jay Isip

dr.communityDr. Community by Jay Isip.

Walk though a waiting room of frowns with downed immunity,
each patient awaits for their prescriptions from Dr.Community.
Fist the pen while ink leaks scripts of your name on the sheet,
starring into space with nervousness contemplating either to meet,
the Doctor and seek the proper attention to fix the weak,
improper mind you created, nurse whispers “Please take you seat”.
Your name is called, entering the office and speak your problems,
nurse blurting “mm hms” scribbling nonsense pretending to solve em.
Doctor slowly turns the knob as the doors creek stings your ears,
no eye contact involved filling out scripts to fix your fears.
Anxiety attacks resolved with medication that attacks anxiety,
Rivalry in action as both attack each one another inside of the.
Prescriptions are swallowed having the symptoms go in reverse,
As light shines bright temporarily while symptoms go and rehearse,
Paxil during the day first, Xanex during the night and submersed,
brainwashed prescriptions, while cursed symptoms await to burst.
Earth seems clear now as your visions are clearer than blue skies,
as the clouds depart into your brain condensed inside your mind.
Visit the office often and refilling the fragile mold of happiness,
in-taking the toxic chemical shaped,covered, & rolled with sapidness.
Rapidly kick the habits that were previously your concern,
new plastic bottle found just “Push down and turn.”
Sunshine and rainbows making your way towards the office,
pharmacist is absent now feeling like your lost inside a forest.
Not a clue what to do, as the brain bites down and chews,
on your face for the abuse of chemical intake you put inside you.
Symptoms are back, bad, and now stronger than ever,
took control of your thoughts, now your down for whatever.
Addiction is back just when you thought you would never,
repetition is repeated with the same storm but new weather.
Taking the meds your were scripted, unknowingly high as a feather,
New addiction: DR. community, Once you thought you were better.
Jay Isip…


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