Day One by Jay Isip


Day One

Escape the evil dimension, chest out in full stride,
turning a new leaf slowly strutting with pride.
Suicide attempted and failed, now happy your alive,
as the other side of the leaf awaits to attack in disguise.
New life attempting and achieving a nine to five,
only thought in your head, going back to your five to nine.
Living in clockwork but you miss the juice from an orange,
mixed with Vodka as you dread every scoop of your porridge.
Living your life like others, slaving and working hand to hand,
your taste buds water erecting your tongue and each gland.
Saliva extracts sent from your brain with evil thoughts,
you seem lost and confused,your body going through withdrawals.
Pores are open wide profusely sweating out of your glands,
liquid pouring out of your skin like water blasting out of a dam.
Can’t handle the truth punishing the body which you abused,
exploding destruction’s awaits you, all you need is the fuse.
Tug of war with your conscience,the rope slipping out the good arm,
alarm is triggered activating the membranes that use to harm.
Bad side of the leaf sucks your spirit right out of your dream,
no escaping now pulling you by the collar as you drag your feet.
Smoke appears out your heals as friction occurs on the street,
“HELP ME PLEASE!” as the leaf palms your mouth and teeth,
squirming for him to release as he controls your mind all discreet,
Fighting with every ounce of dignity wishing not to repeat.
Twisting and turning your brain, insides are still burning insane,
Stay calm, stay cool and you’ll find what your searching in vein.
It’s only one day, and one inch away from swallowing the gun,
we would like to welcome you to the average world of fun,
twirled with bullsh!t, and girls that make you hurl and some,
swirled with people striving “Normality,”accomplished are none,
Welcome to day 1,how much longer can we stand and watch the run?
Jay Isip.


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