ALMOST by Jay Isip

jayhalf copy

Eyes bloodshot yellow as the lids cover like umbrellas,
Red vessels pop the eyelids like bubble wrap scattering the sclera.
Starring at yourself in a puddle your own tears have created,
frustrated with agony while standing still and sedated.
Body wants to destruct with vascular tissue ready to erupt,
involuntary muscles react wildly as your brain is stuck shut,
had enough of yourself with your thoughts and such luck,
stomping on the puddle as the tears reverse back into the duct.
Breaking the bottle creating a device as sharp as a shank,
puncturing edge on the jugular as blood trickles down your white tank,
failing to proceed as you remember the people you must thank,
willing to put an end believing you could, but knowing you can’t.
You don’t have the guts nor balls, you are missing the marbles,
horrible thoughts pass you by leaving you twisted and startled.
You have nothing to die for, there’s way too much live in your life,
too much heart in your fight, and too much vision in your sight.
Almost buried your own grave, almost performed the insertion ,
the surgeon was false he almost snuffed the wrong person.
The person you wanted to rid, was the demon created in your lid,
he drowned you with sins, making you believe you are what you think.
You realize your not what you think, but you think who you are,
the sky opened with light before the demon took you to far.
It’s the middle of winter and your soul was just burnt,
as you collect the ashes sculpting an urn you’ve just earned.
From here on it’s abundance there’s no more to search,
Rack that demon on your shelf as you claim your new turf.
The air was thin when you created this monster of a sinner,
expanding your lungs with deep breaths to realize you’re a winner,
Cut on your throat smiling in the mirror with the demons snickers,
Then hearing that soothing voice of your mother “It’s time for dinner!

Jay Isip


3 Responses to “ALMOST by Jay Isip”

  1. amazing! not sure what i enjoy more, the image or the writing. another great piece, keep it up!


  2. Awesome blog!

    I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.


  3. hahaha please do so…


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