Either Way You Were Right – by Jay Isip

Either Way You Were Right


7:34am Sunday 30 missed calls checking your mobile device,
parched grabbing the bottle to drink away more than your life,
A night of amnesia repeatedly disrespecting people you like,
respect of  loved ones slowly cutting hearts with a deep slice.
The monster inside has you possessed like a demon from hell,
Your activity became ruthless,a soul the devil would even sell,
melting away yourself as the monster inside wants to leave you,
left alone in darkness basically leaving you see through.
Receiving a message, information that you would never figure,
your father’s brother has passed, drinking damaging his own liver.
Disease runs in the family, next on line as you get sicker,
slithering on the ground as you roll around in more liquor.
Spiraling down from the top, all that’s left is your appearance,
Finally realizing, now understanding what death and fear is,
The nearest solution is directly above with hands in the sky,
You knew this guy forever but, never looked him in the eye,
Invitation is open even after all your sins and lies,
besides what you’ve done, up to you to put it aside,
Time to choose your life weather to live or to die,
Death already came, after you killed whats inside.
Your at the bottom of the barrel and no one likes to drink piss,
gun’s to your forehead you could pull the trigger or live in bliss.
Insist on death, the easy way out for a new world to burn,
You would love to eat the bullet and watch the revolver turn,
Explode in your brain to quickly end the misery and pain,
for your family to walk in a room full of blankets with red stains.
Not a care for yourself so why won’t you unload the gun,
The fun is over your time has been taking in the sun,
Pressure like a ton of bricks as your hearts trying to run,
decision unknown, so why won’t you ask your loved ones?
The sky is open all you have to do is look in the light,
If you choose to or not to either way you were right.
Jay Isip…

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