You have reached Jay..Jaaaayy Isip!


What up people, My name is Jerome Joseph Isip, “Jay Isip”.  Born April 25th 1982  and raised out of Belleville NJ, and currently living in Belmar/Belleville  NJ. But I’m back and forth. You know there are more things to life than just “as is”. Many of us live in a world of clockwork. We wake up, eat ,work, sh!t, sleep, rinse and repeat. Everyday we think about the things we “could have done” or “what I should of done differently”.Everyday we live life looking back at what our lives would be like now if we have done something differently. Everyday we think of what we should do next and can not come up with a decision. Everyday we live in the past, and  proceed with our day because that is “what we are supposed to do”. Everyday we brainwash ourselves with that “it’s too late”. Everyday we punish ourselves saying we were not good enough, or we don’t fit the part. Everyday we drink and eat our sorrows away, and try to figure our out- what to do with our life, even if you are so called “accomplished”. Life is much more than goals for a  Job with benefits, a nice house and car, getting married, money, etc…


We have these so called “goals” set in our life because that’s what is labeled in our society of today. Everything is a damn label. These “labels” hold many of us back from doing what our heart tells us to. Just because it’s ok and the correct thing to do doesn’t mean it’s correct with you. Once in a while you have to sit back and really see a clear picture of yourself instead of looking at the picture someone else had created. It’s not about them, and proving it to other people, and showing other people who you became and what you are doing with your life. By the end of the day no one gives a sh!t. So don’t do it for them, or your dead siblings, or your coach, or your teacher. DO IT FOR YOUR F@#ING SELF!

When your on top of the world and everyone’s cheering your name, they all want to be your friend, your buddy, your pal. But when you hit rock bottom everyone who was screaming your name with pride, are now whispering your name at faults. All of a sudden they don’t know you, they don’t want your name and their name in the same sentence. WHY? Because everyone in this f@$ing bubble gummed, plastic, materialistic world of ours cares way too much about “The Crowd”. Everyone cares about what everyone else thinks. We wear nice clothes because superstars tell us to, we purchase luxurious item because of some article in a magazine, we eat at expensive restaurants because a celebrity recommenced it, or we go on a diet because Oprah said so. WHAT THE F$@K IS WRONG WITH YOU!? Today in our world many of us can not make up our own mind unless we have some type of reference. And it’s sad.

232323232%7Ffp53677)nu=334 )452);93)WSNRCG=323 338554757nu0mrjI’m writing this cause I want people to know that there is more to life than “as-is”. Certain goals that are labeled correct for “the people” may not be in your agenda. Certain goals should not be accomplished due to the fact that “someone else” thinks that’s what we should do. Certain goals should not get done because it written down as “what we should do”. Decision making is the utmost hardest and important thing to do in our life. Don’t let someone else control your decisions. Make your own.

To me Life isn’t about money,great job with benifits, nice houses, and nice cars, and getting married. My goals are set differently than everyone elses, just as everyone elses’ goals should be different than mine. Everyone’s goal I’m sure is to have a nice house, and make a lot of money so on and so forth. CRAP! Those are all labels. And they mean nothing if you are not happy.

232323232%7Ffp53657)nu=334 )452);93)WSNRCG=323 338545536nu0mrjWhen we were younger we had one thing in mind, “having fun, play, excitement etc.” Do you remember those days? As we evolved our thoughts and goals have changed. We learn more. Gain more knowledge about the world and life. But somewhere in that time of growing up we lose what we are about from the beginning. Having fun, playing,and excitement. Our goals should not be determined towards some “label”. Our goal should be determined towards one thing. The goal that were set in our minds as children. The goal that no one can label. The goal that a million dollars can not buy. “Happiness”. Jay Isip.



4 Responses to “You have reached Jay..Jaaaayy Isip!”

  1. …shit yo. you’re the fucking man.


  2. John Frani Says:

    so fuckin right. good time reading


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