Why Do You Do What You Do? Jay Isip

Why do you do what you do?
You do what you do to bring abundance upon you,
You give everything day and night you cut hair and you fight,
Picture after picture leads only to one sight,
You punch and you kick till you reach the ultimate goal,
Which is happiness and will try with all your heart and soul,
You work to improve your wealth, you train to improve your health,
Nothing could stop you with the lord under your belt,
You do what you do for the Lord and yourself,
You live by the Lords words and make sure they are heard,
You stand by his words until your time on earth has been served,
You utilize the talents givin by him through respect,
These talents are gifts and you dare not to neglect,
Nothing to fear when the Lord is here to protect,
He wants to give you happiness what else do you expect?

You do what you do because he made who you are,
It’s up to you to keep up, and not to run away to far,
No one to blame besides yourself with decisions,
Learn from the past and next time decide with precision,
The world hits hard and will hit harder and keep hitting,
It’s up to you to get up and move, or sit down and keep sitting,
You live for the lord and for yourself will live and keep living,
That is why you do what you do so move on and stop thinking,
You will live by these words past the day of your death,
The world will give you your Peace but no way you will Rest,
You could dig him 6 feet the heart still pounds through the chest,
The Lord in his veins with flowing blood that was blessed,
This is why you do what you do to give the Lord all your Best.
Jay Isip

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